Causes And Remedies For Smelly Vaginal Odor

Almost every woman at some or the other point of her life experiences that foul Smelly odor from vaginal. Little odor coming out from vagina is quite normal. However, if you feel that the smell is becoming intolerable then you must check it out as soon as possible. Smelling vagina can adversely affect your routine sexual life. It may frustrate you and your husband equally during the intercourse. There can be multiple causes for the foul small that is coming out of your personal part.


Some of them include:

  1. UTI:  urinary tract infection is quite common in females after they gain adolescence. Women have comparatively shorter urethra than males have. Resultantly, they can get easily prone to multiple kinds of infections leading to the foul small and inflammation in their urinary tracts. In case you feel that your vaginal area is having burning sensation along with emanating fishy smell then make sure that you begin with proper UTI treatment. Medicines along with proper precautions can give you major relief form smelly odor from vaginal.
  2. Dirt: wearing unclean undergarments and not washing the vaginal area on routine basis can also give a dirty smell from the affected area. Female vagina generally keeps moist because of which it easily breeds germs and fungus. Thus, you must make sure that your undergarments are clean, dry and hygienically washed. You must buy a vagina wash for eliminating germs to breed in your personal part.
  3. Menstruation: it may happen that while you are suffering from periods, you may get to smell intolerable vaginal odor.  This is quite natural, however, if you feel that something must be done out of it then you must wash the affected area with a proper vaginal wash. Along with washing the affected area, you must also make sure that you change the pad in every 6hours so that you keep yourself away from infections
  4. Lack of water consumption: apart the affect of UTI and lack of hygiene, one can also suffer from bad vaginal smell because of lower intake of liquid diet. In case of lack of consumption of liquid food, urine discharge tends to be all the more concentrated with waste products that gives an intense bad smell to the organ. In order to avoid this situation, one must make sure that one at least consumes 8 glasses of water in a day.