Building A Food Cleaning Plant For Your Farm

Recently, people have noticed that although farm fresh is all the rage when it comes to restaurants, some famous eating establishments like Chipotle have had to upgrade their food cleaning plants and processes so that people do not get sick.

It seems sort of strange that exposure to illness can still happen in this day and age, but it does give anyone who works in the food business impetus to ensure that their part of the food chain works out to be entirely safe.

Here are some ways that you can put together a food cleaning plant for your farm in a way that is efficient and effective:

Get the right hand tools:

It may sound basic, but there are common tools that do not always match what you are doing.  Take the hand trucks that you use to load crates of vegetables and boxes of fruits into your cooler or onto a truck as an example.

If you use pneumatic wheels on these trucks in the field, you will be assured of the ability of moving a stack of crates to the end of the row without having to drive a tractor through the row each time.

Your hoses and nozzles are another investment that should end up costing your more than you normally pay.  Really expensive water hoses and nozzles tend to last longer and help clean your food better than equipment that is built for home use.

Create a washer:

One of the more important pieces of equipment that you could have is known as a washer.  Many farms prefer to design their own or use one that has been constructed from plans online.  A washer is typically designed as a conveyor belt that you put food into so that the hoses and water inside the washer part of the conveyor belt line clean the food thoroughly.

The more thought that you put into creating a washer that is effective, the more your buyers will love you because the produce or fruit that they receive will be that much cleaner.

Get a good cooling system:

Another threat to the value that you add as a farmer is the heat of a Summer day.  If you are pulling your products from your field and cleaning them right away, they should be put into a cooler that keeps them at a consistently cool temperature until they are ready to be loaded on the truck for the market.  If you fail to keep your produce cool, it can start to deteriorate in terms of the quality of presentation and flavor.

One of the fastest ways to get a cooler up and running is to purchase a refrigeratored container that used to haul goods and keep them cool.  Since it is already self contained, you should be able to just use the same rear doors to load and unload produce.

Building a food cleaning plant for you farm takes a little  bit of time to put together.  If you plan carefully, however, you should end up with a modern facility that will impress your customers and keep them from having problems with food that goes bad after it reaches their restaurants.