Both Android And iOS Apps Are Secretly Spying And People Are Unaware

In this age of advanced technology, it is quite impossible to keep track of the ways our smart devices are keeping track of us. Our devices don’t spy on us like an app to spy on cheating spouse but they still do it in weird ways. Although some people are still unaware of it, many have come to terms with it. There are such people too who prefer staying vigilant and doing their part to ensure this privacy is not violated. That’s the best possible thing to do to keep your personal information safe.

Google’s developer, Felix Krause, revealed something alarming about iOS apps that have access to the camera of your iPhone. The apps with necessary permissions are capable of recording the user at any time. Whether they have issued a command to capture a photo, taken a video or pressed a button with the app, it can record anything.

But this not all what these apps can do. They can also access the front and back camera of your iPhone and upload pictures and videos right after you have taken them. They can also run facial recognition for detecting the facial features of the user by using the vision framework of Apple.

The question now is how you can prevent yourself from such apps to which you unknowingly grant permission to record and capture everything that you are doing. Unlike a usual app to spy on cheating spouse, these apps don’t show symptoms that you can watch out for to catch if they are actually snooping on you. One option is to delete these apps from your iPhone. If you really want to keep them, then the second option is to get a camera case and uncover it whenever you want to take a picture or a video.

It is not just the iOS apps that spy, even the Android apps are spying on you in different ways. One common method is to use ultrasonic beacon. These are the signals that are embedded in the ads and they are inaudible to humans. They can only be detected by apps that carry specific codes to listen to them. With these beacons, app developers can determine the identity of the user, track his location and observe his behavior. These apps don’t have the same agenda as someone using an app to spy on cheating spouse, they just use this information to target users with specific ads. Although there is no direct way of identifying such apps but be careful when installing such apps that seek for microphone access.

The apps that are not trusted or that are downloaded from third-party stores are usually the ones that secretly want to spy on users. So, if you really care about your privacy, don’t install such apps on your phone.