Boosting Profits with Modern Bakery Equipment

As a business owner, your main goal is to make money and grow your business. You want your business to be lucrative but you want to enjoy that you are doing at the same time. Keeping clients happy while keeping overhead expenses low will bring more success to your business.


Whether you own a deli, coffee bar, restaurant or a bakery, you will know the hard work that goes in to delivering fresh product each day. When a person walks past your deli in the morning, freshly brewed coffee and baked bread will attract them and make their mouths water.

But, you also know at what time of the morning you and your workers has to start baking in order to be on time with freshly bakes rolls or pies. Now, thanks to technology, you are able to bake different products at the same time, even though their baking times are different. Then you use rack ovens, your life will change for the better.

Rack ovens are easy to use.  You can bake large volumes of products due to the multiple baking chambers. The trays have floors that are either made of ceramic of stone and can be detached. Each individual rack has a top and bottom rack adjustment function, making it possible to set individual temperatures. With this function, you can bake loafs, rolls or scones at the same time, allowing you to save money, time and electricity. Your production line can be increased without effort.

You are able to bake a different variety of products in a rack oven. Pastries, cookies, baguettes and pies are but a few examples of goods that you need to prepare early in the morning. This machine can work with either gas or electricity. The type of rack oven you choose will depend on your space you have available and the amount of products you need to produce.

Rack ovens are one of the best assists you need to invest inn. This machine can make your profits go up and satisfy hungry costumers all at once. You cannot miss this winning solution.

Macadams specializes in high quality baking equipment and we have a state-of-the art warehouse facility in Cape Town, South Africa.