Booking Soccer Pitch In Singapore

Soccer lovers wish to play as and when they see a pitch. It’s natural and nothing new. In Singapore you get to see a lot of pitches but booking a soccer pitch becomes the hurdle. But everything goes on good with SG Soccer Pitches in getting the pitch of your choice. Booking becomes hassle free with SG soccer Pitches.

Soccer PitchFor your convenience we have categorized the regions into central, east, west, north, south regions. We present you with all the information about the pitches in theses region separately, we also help you in guiding the direction to reach the destination and about the reviews of these pitches. You get view these pitches while booking in our site. We can help you with both 11-a side football pitch or even with 5-a side futsal pitch.


  • You have to have a SG account, in case you don’t own an account in SG, go to the home page and you can create an account in new register.
  • After you create an account log in, click the Book a faculty which will be on the top right corner.
  • Select an activity, venue, date and day on which you want to book and press search button.
  • If you are ok with the timings, select add to the chart which appears on the bottom right corner.
  • You will proceed to your personal chart where you can make the payment either by e wallet or credit card.

Your booking is done with the above steps. We at Singapore soccer field directory help you will all that is required for booking your preferred pitch. Booking your preferred pitch for a right price on the date you book becomes easy with us.  No need to cross a hurdle to book, select the region and pitch and get it done within few minutes.