Best Fashion Style For 2015



I absolutely love BALLET FLATS. The most luxurious classic ballet flat is the Chanel cap toe. If you’re going to buy anything from Chanel Celebrity Style, this shoe probably gives you the biggest impact for the least money, especially if you choose a classic color like beige, black, or navy. But there are also great options at other (lower!) prices. You just need to keep a few things in mind to find the best pair.

C. Z. Guest at her home in Palm Beach, Florida, 2015.

TIPS Shopping for ballet flats:

Find the shoe with the lowest, thinnest heel possible. The chicest balletflats are literally flat!

Make sure the toe isn’t too round. A very round toe looks cheap and shortens your legs.

Make sure they are low cut on the top of the shoe (but avoid too much toe cleavage!).

What could be more timeless and chic than RIDING BOOTS? And the greatest thing about them is that they last a lifetime, and the more worn-in they look the better.

Jerry Hall, strutting in her chic Gucci ridingboots, with a friend, 1978.

Kate Moss doing errands in London with a Mulberry bag, 2014.

OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES, as popularized by Jackie O, still look great. I don’t care how many people try to imitate this look; I still love them. But the size overwhelms some faces, and for others they’re too much of a statement.

I lived in Ray-Ban AVIATORS (above) from ages thirteen through seventeen, and I see people wearing them now who still look so chic. A great option for those who don’t feel right in the Jackie O look, aviators are more streamlined and subtle perfect for the elegant understatement.

Carole Lombard in early aviator sunglasses, 1938.

An L.L.BEAN CANVAS TOTE is an inexpensive, functional, old-school classic.

Opposite: Jackie 0,1976. Ilove this more eccentric side of her reminds me of Grey Gardens.

Right: Myfavorite Prada pumps, 2015.

The ideal classic PUMPS change slightly from year to year depending on the trends. Just take a look at a pair of pumps you thought were classic ten years ago, and you’ll see what I mean. Look for something without overt decoration (a stitching detail or leather/suede combination is fine, but no grommets or jewels or highly contrasting colors) and a restrained shape (no asymmetrical toes or weirdly angled heels here).

Above: As much as Chloe Sevigny loves high fashion, its her love of simple, classic things like anL.L. Bean tote that makes me appreciate her style most, 2008.

Source: Best Celebrity Style