Benefits of Sunday League Football Fun

It is something of an oddity that with professional football clubs scouting potentially talent at ever younger ages that middle aged men still put themselves through the wringer in the vague hope that a scout will be wandering past their boggy Sunday league pitch and sign them up on a lucrative contract.

English: Image of Sunday league football actio...
English: Image of Sunday league football action in Manchester in 2007. Taken from Flickr, original author “el relativista” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course we can all dream but reality dictates that a Premier league club probably has a full enough squad (just!) of highly talented and highly paid footballers. However we still play for the love of the game, the simplicity of pulling our boots on and crossing the white line to try and win three points with some of your good friends.

It can be hard to quantify exactly why twenty two people line up on a muddy and heavy pitch, and usually in wet, windy and miserable conditions but whatever it is, it generates excitement and anticipation like no other and ensures you wake up early – even when it is a rare day off.

There are a wide ranging benefits to trying to keep playing football, to whatever standard you can manage, number one being keeping active. This is especially true as you start to get on in years and chances for exercise become more limited, continuing to be involved in football means more motivation and enjoyment than sessions at the gym.

Health is a major concern within the UK isles with ever increasing reports of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Football can be used as a motivational tool in allowing less confident males to try and lose weight or improve their fitness whilst in the company of their friends, who can help encourage them in their attempts.

By introducing even a weekly game of five-a-sides will help boost your cardio work out and begin to burn off calories in one of the most enjoyable ways. By boosting your fitness using the games you will be able to find easy identifiers of your performances becoming better; able to run for longer, keep up with the fitter players, or simply that you are scoring more goals!

Other, perhaps less obvious positives of putting your club strip on each week is the bonding that is involved, the banter and the general feeling of team spirit that can be fostered can only be a good aspect. It will help foster a positive mental frame of mind for those involved and being in and amongst this environment can really help promote a better state of mental health.

Mental health issues can often be left without help; although people are becoming better at realising they have a problem and need to confront it. It is no surprise that many charities or foundations use football as a means to try to build confidence and repair fragile individuals through its real emphasis on allowing freedom of expression within a teamwork strategy and a acknowledging the on field partnerships you have to form to ensure a successful side.

Of course with the fun of football come the inevitable injuries, especially for those who maybe aren’t quite as fit as they once were. If you are involved in an accident of any nature which was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. You can find out more by calling Accident Advice Helpline 24 hours a day on 0800 180 4123 or take a look at the website for more information.