Benefits Of Security Cameras: Knowing The Types and Features

Today, it is not common to find homes and offices without a CCTV cameras installed. Business owners as well as individuals feel compelled to adopt necessary measures so that they ensure complete protection of valuables and family members. Many businesses and people prefer installing a thief alarm security device in their home or office.

Indeed, this is a wise thing to do but installing video surveillance cameras boosts security, safety and provides completes peace of money. These surveillance cameras will record all the activity that happens inside and around the home or office. Video surveillance cameras are not just developed for using outdoors but they are now commonly being installed indoors as well.

No matter in which part of the country you are, provided that you have broadband access, it is easy to access the system remotely and find out what is going on at any moment. You also get to review the earlier recordings to find out what has happened when you are not physically present there. The security cameras are like your remote eyes. You may also choose to add microphones to the video surveillance systems, so you can even eavesdrop without being physically present there.

Many people who install a video camera at the home entrance can always see who is visiting them before they open the door. Home invasion is a rising crime and has there are several cases reported of burglary and home break-ins. Thus, it is a wise step to install video surveillance cameras in the home. Parents also install video surveillance equipment so that they are always in touch with their kids and know what is going on. They can always keep a check on the kids when they are away.

When they equip the video surveillance system with microphones, they not just get to see what their kids are doing, but they also hear them at all times. This provides lot of peace of mind to the parents who have to leave their kids with a babysitter or a nanny since they know how the babysitter or nanny is interacting with the kid when they are not physically present.

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In an unfortunate event that a crime occurs, the recorded activity from the video surveillance equipment provides useful evidence to the concerned authorities and this helps in identifying the perpetrator and announcing appropriate punishment. This is a great benefit for business owners as well as homeowners.

Types of Cameras: Knowing About The Features

Based on the construction, the different types of cameras include:

Dome – This has a dome shaped covering to the lens. The shape enables a wider angle of viewing. In other words, a larger area can be monitored.

Box – This camera comes as a box. This will have restricted angle of viewing, but the distance or length of view can vary.

Bullet – This is similar to a box type, but the length of view can be large. Also, there are variants in this – for day and night vision.

These security cameras and the camera products are produced in large numbers by the chief manufacturers. There are number of chosen advanced series concentrated to show the uniqueness and high level technology of the series. Benefits and features of these camera include: 

  • The dynamic range is extended to provide the best resolution for areas of dark and bright images to have the same field of view 
  • The high ratio 60dB S/N of the signal to noise gives the clearer pictures and video images 
  • The visual resolution is improved and the edge enhancement is done The important feature is that no color propelling or rolling even in the fluorescent fixture lights 
  • Digital Zooming facility for the people 
  • Sensitivity of the light and there is the facility of having on screen display 
  • In addition to the analog automatic gain control, these security cameras for sale provide the altered signal intensity without having any additional noise added to it. 

CCTV security systems are found almost in every place. Considering the features and the security level provided CCTV security cameras cannot be considered as the costliest item. Just get in touch with a reliable samsung cctv camera distributor in dubai and you can get all the best services you desire for.

These cameras give the defence against the criminal offense in a living environment and are proven to provide the high level of security. So why not get them and avail the benefits.