Beautiful Plants for Your Garden to Light You Up

Having a garden at your residence or office or any other place adds an extra touch of beauty to the surroundings. They give a pleasant feeling and also lighten up the environment around us. There are a vast variety of garden plants ranging from ferns, only green plants, colorful flower plants, shrubs to garden trees such as pine trees, willow trees, fall trees, etc.

Even vegetables and bonsai trees can be grown in your garden. If taken care of in the right way by using right methods, these plants can make the place look and feel like a small heaven on earth.

Beautiful Plants for Your Garden

Things to Know About Gardening

A lot of points must be considered before going for gardening. We must know what kinds of plants are suitable for what weather conditions, the process of planting them, how much sunlight and water they need to grow beautifully, the right soil type and many more things. This is because every plant is different from the other in terms of growth rate, amount of watering and light required, suitable weather conditions, suitable soil, etc.

Certain plants like melons, tomatoes, beans, squashes, etc benefit from very high temperatures, while some others such as Japanese Maples and Dogwood would be heavily damaged under the scorching heat. Even wind and heavy snow can damage the branches of Japanese Maples, Scotch Pine, Dogwood and Austrian Black Pine i.e; those shrubs and trees that have brittle wood. Some insects as well cause diseases in these beautiful plants, killing them eventually.

The lawns must be regularly watered during the summer. If not, they will wither and die from severe heat. Various other plants also demand regular watering in summer, either with direct pipes, sprinklers or irrigation zones. The soil requirement of plants is usually of pH 7.0, with higher organic matter (in forest areas mostly).

There are certain plants that require lower organic matter in the soil and low capacity of holding water in clay, silt and sand. Roses usually grow best in hot weather conditions with regular watering. They find it difficult to survive in winters, so they must be replanted then. Whatever kind of plants you grow, be it flowering ones or vegetables, all of them need utmost care and protection from harsh weather conditions, insects, excess watering, etc.

Protecting your Garden

There are various pests and insects that can damage your plants and kill them. Some of them feed on the leaves while some others feast on the ripe fruits and vegetables. It is best to pluck away ripe fruits and well grown vegetables as soon as you spot them. The other damaged, overripe and diseased fruits must be separated from the healthy plant immediately so as to avoid them from spreading the disease to the entire plant.

These are the first steps to be taken to protect your plants. Apart from this, there are certain plant-friendly pesticides that can be sprayed on the plants to kill the pests. People also use traps to get rid of the insects. Though not highly effective, this technique can be used as a temporary solution.


Coming to composting, it is a very good technique that helps convert organic substances like food scraps of vegetables and yard debris into soil rich in minerals that act as wonderful conditioners for plants. This process actually takes place naturally when vegetables fall to the ground and slowly decay. The soil then becomes highly suitable for gardening. Composting is what we do to speed up this natural decomposition process.

It is very helpful as it creates soil conditioner that will only enhance plant growth; it reduces and eliminates garbage from the plain land that can be used for various purposes, it supports and helps our environment’s natural cycle and is easy to carry out. So there is no reason at all why we should not go for composting.

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