Basic safety while working with concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile and adaptable construction materials, while its affordability has made it a standard in the industry for centuries. Concrete is also among the easiest building materials to work with and is relatively safe, but like in all work environments using concrete requires some prior safety steps to ensure using the material goes without incident.

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Skin Protection

While concrete coming into contact with skin is unlikely to have any lasting effects if it is removed quickly, it can be an irritant in the short term, whether that is from abrasion or light chemical burns. However, long exposure to concrete can result in burns that can be severe so it is good practice to keep your skin away from concrete or clean it quickly after coming into contact with the material. If an area continues to burn you should seek medical attention.

Long sleeve pants and shirts are typically enough to stop the effects of concrete, while gloves offer ample protection for the hands. However, simply using a PH neutral soap and thoroughly washing your skin after using concrete is usually enough to stop any side effects.

Head and Eye Protection

Law abiding construction sites require workers to wear hard hat head protection, but even if you are doing some concreting on your own at home, wearing a hat is always the best option. Construction tools and even the simplest of work sites provide many hazards, so knowing your head is protected can give you peace of mind.

Eye protection is similar and in fact working with concrete makes protecting your eyes even more important. Dust, concrete splashes, and other foreign objects are common risks and getting concrete into the eyes can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. Coverall clear glasses or other types of protective eyewear are sufficient to protect against this.

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Back Protection

The core materials for making concrete such as cement, coarse aggregate, sand, and water are all heavy in the industrial amounts they usually ship in. If you are a professional construction worker you should already have been taught the proper lifting methods, but still many people ignore them. When lifting heavy loads, your back should be straight, legs bent, and the weight between your legs as close to the body as possible and upon lifting do not pivot your waist.

If you have access to machinery, Edmonton concrete contractors are highly recommend individuals to use it as much as you can to carry the burden of weight and put materials as close to the work site as possible.

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