Automatic Doors

We provide complete supply and installation of automatic doors. Our automatic door specialists provide doors that are fashioned with the best materials using the latest technology to consistently improve our door systems. We offer a variety of door systems in order to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for a specifically designed door, remote controls, or extra safety features, we will supply you with the product that meets your needs. Our team will run a full site inspection before installation begins to ensure that all details are prepared for in advance. Our CAD team of drawers will set up a unique system that fits your building and meets all the UK and European legal requirements.


We also maintain open communication throughout the entire installation process and technical support for any concerns that rise during your use of our state of the art automatic doors. After sale support also includes annual maintenance packages where we send in experts to check up on the condition of our automatic doors. Minor maintenance is provided during these visits in addition to a check up on the machinery to ensure that it is up to date with regulations. If major maintenance is required, we provide a written report explaining the steps to be taken to retain the safety and success of your purchase.

We offer both sliding doors and swinging doors in several different designs depending on the requirements you are seeking to meet. All of our automatic doors can be purchased with accessories which aid in user interaction with the door. We offer accompaniment signs, motion-activated sensors, finger guards, floor guides, optional key switches, door activation buttons, and other accommodations for your clientele needs.

We also supply all parts and accessories without installation if you are simply replacing a part. Furthermore, if you are one of our supply-only customers we provide free training events where you can learn the proper installation techniques to ensure the safety and success of your purchase. All of our products are available with next day delivery within the U.K. or can be ordered according to standard delivery rate schedules. Find out more about our automatic doors by clicking HERE.

We work closely with architects to achieve an excellent fit in building structure. If you are an architect looking to partner with us, please contact our sales office. Our goal is to help our partners meet their goals as specified by their clients. We can assist in pointing architects in the right direction when looking for a well-designed automatic door to enhance their project.

There is a wealth of choice and it really depends on where your business is situated and what you are looking to achieve. For example, do you want to improve access or make it easier for people to leave. Do you want to save money or do you want to increase profits or lower labour costs. Every different situation will require a different automatic door solution and that is why we are here to help. Once you have bought an automatic door system you will be ready to get your return on investment in no time at all.