Article Marketing Strategy: Boost your SEO Career

I got into article marketing business very late; I have been just designing my websites for years. Well, I discovered article marketing from my mentor who I had lost contact and suddenly the name popped on the various article submission websites. The power of article marketing came fully into limelight and I decided to go further since; I was eager to learn and earn more. Before I get started, let me ask you one question. Are you keen on to increase your search engine rankings? My favourite SEO article marketing strategy as a SEO expert is very simple and basic to use.

If you are a savvy SEO, you would know that in order to stay ahead in the competition and at the top of leading search engines you have to have a diverse SEO article marketing strategy for acquiring links, yes spend 95% of your energy in searching quality opportunities. With the help of this strategy, the article submission goes to approx. 4000 article directories, websites and blogs and now it is heading to 8000 websites.

The ratio you do with usual SEO campaign and with the cost involved, this strategy yields quality results in a very inexpensive way because Google and other leading search engines trust them as they are authority sites not just a random forum. Another feature of article marketing strategy is that you should check out your competitor’s linking strategy. In the matter of minutes, you are able to know your competitor’s linking strategies and SEO trick which they are implementing, if you use good toll.

Using a good tool you can enter your articles and set it to submit 15 articles in one hour, 30 every two hour etc. There are numerous ways where you can use this tool in your SEO article marketing campaign. The possibilities are endless of what you can do because of the software providing you the URLs.

Author bio: James is a SEO expert who uses tools that helps him to boost his career as a SEO professional. He also recommends using SEO services company such as SEO company UK to get the best results.