Apps for Homeowners

Going the long distance from being the oversized talk-to bricks to slick statement accessories with wide range of different apps and functions we know today, phones found a way into every household. It is only natural then that they have become the essential tools for running those households. Let us take a look at some of the apps that will help you to do so.

Spehro’s BB-8

Although it is essentially a toy, BB-8 is accompanied by an app and operated via smartphone so it counts. 

What you will get for a price of $149.99 USD is a cute little droid you can drive around, let it roam and explore the house on its own, and record Episode IV-esque holographic videos. 
A perfect match for the people who do not have enough room to keep a living pet or the ones who want to annoy the living Hell out of their cats.

Rental Rewards

A quintessential service for all the tenants renting their apartments, Rental Rewards will allow you to pay your rent online, avoid always unpleasant meetings with the landlords, set automatic payments and earn some reward points (hence the name) in the process. Once you gather enough of these points you can spend them on vouchers, flights and other interesting things.


There is nothing more annoying than coming home from shopping only to find out that you forgot something or your spouse forgot to tell you to buy something. This app will make sure that that never happens again. OurGroceries will allow you to create a grocery list, sort it by type, and store it into cloud where it can be accessed over any smartphone and updated in real time, which makes shopping that much easier.

tinyCam Monitor

These small cameras are a very popular alternative to older, and indeed, bulkier surveillance systems, and this app is probably the best way to operate them. Offering you all the necessary controls you can imagine and an option to record a digital video tinyCam Monitor will make sure that nothing gets out of your sight.

HomeBudget with Sync

Very intuitive and easy to grasp app that will let you set up you income and expenses, sync your home budget in the cloud and make sure the entire family stays on the same page with your budgeting plans. Add into the mix the ability to track your bank accounts, set reminders and tons of other interesting features and you will get the ultimate home-budgeting experience.

These were some of the most useful, intuitive, or plain and simply fun home-related apps you can keep on your phone. Try some of them, and your home will become an entirely different place.