App lock guard for mobile devices

Today the usages of mobile phones are widely increasing. It can also be said that from kids to the elder ones everyone have become addicted to mobile phones. Even though this sounds to be a technical development, it also involves great risks. For example, this technology is highly reliable for the hackers to track the personal details of the mobile users. But it is to be noted that usage of mobile phones cannot be denied just because of this reason.


This is because today there are many enhanced options wide around the market which can be used to ensure the security in mobile phones.

That is there is certain mobile security apps for IOS and android devices which tends to provide a best security system against malwares and hackers. Here are some important mobile tasks in which the privacy guard app can provide you the best protection.

Apps lock

Today there are numerous applications which can be used for different purposes. But it is more important to ensure whether the app which you use is safe enough to install.

In order to ensure this security level, the privacy guard app can be used. With this option, the applications like face book, messenger and other mediums can be kept private from the illegal users.

With this guard, the app can be kept locked with a pattern or a pin. Thus, the illegal users cannot protrude the app at any circumstances. The most interesting fact is one can also set app lock theme with this option. These themes can also be customized according to one’s need.

Security scan

Since internet is widely accessed from mobile phones, the chances for getting exposed to malware and viruses will be very high. To protect the mobile system from these hazards, the privacy guard app can be used to scan the system automatically.

The smart scan system in this app will scan all the videos, music, image and other files uploaded to the system. Thus, any kind of malwares can be detected before it enters the device. Since this scanning process will be done automatically, any unwanted files cannot be loaded into the device without the knowledge of the users.

Wi-Fi security

Today Wi-Fi is used widely in all places. Especially the Wi-Fi used in public places will be lack in security. In such cases, the mobile users must have good security system to protect the system from the illegal hackers. Especially, while accessing the free Wi-Fi it is more important to ensure the security factors. This is because the illegal hackers tend to use these free mediums to protrude the personal data of others.

In such case, the best security guard app like LEO Safeguard must be preferred. Once if the app is installed to the mobile device, they will help in preventing the malwares and viruses protruding the system. Thus, one can be stress free while using the public Wi-Fi areas. Since this app can be downloaded from online, they can be easily installed to the device.