APKBucket: A Reliable APK Downloader

Android phone users keep installing and experimenting different apps and games from the Google Play Store. These apps are installed automatically and become visible on phones when clicking the install button. Fortunately, there is another great way to install apps, games and even wallpaper on your device without using Google Play Store. And, that is APK downloader from appbucket.net!

You may know what do APK files mean. It is a special file format that works like an EXE on a windows computer. It is much like an executable program that installs apps on an Android device. APKbucket allows you to set up your device to install apps that exist on Google Play Store.

Apkbucket.net is a reliable source for these files. You just need to type the package ID or Google play store URL of the app you want to install.

This great website does good antivirus checks and verifies the app files being uploaded there. Unlike other non-reliable sources that design viruses and malware and access your device’s camera, contact lists, etc and breach your privacy, Apkbucket ensures you that you won’t have any such issues as long as you download APK files from this reliable source.

APKBucket APK Downloader is a great tool allowing you to download your favorite APK files of free apps and games. The tool supports free apps and games only, however if you are using a paid app or game, the tool will support to download the package in near future. APKbucket stores fetched APKs on their servers and provide them when it is needed. This helps avoid service abuse of Android market.

When you find an older APK version, just check the option ‘force to check for the latest version’ and you will be able to re-fetch the APK. Apkbucket support automated tasks to update their APK archive daily in order to ensure that APK files you download are not outdated.

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