An Insight to Written Music and its seven forms

“Music is the food of life” was well said by Feste the fool of Shakespeare’s Play ‘Twelfth Night’. It is so true, that no matter how many days of life we have spent on this planet, we have been associated with music in some form or the other. Right from the time we were born and in our mother’s arms, one of the first things we got friendly with is Music. The lullaby she sang still makes us fall asleep!


At different points of time in life, whether there is happiness or sorrow, there is always a form of music appropriate for it. Our feelings too are well illustrated through music; often those unsaid words can be easily put across with a piece of music. Music is a lifelong friend and hence, the reason why all people love music.

While some enjoy music, some have taken it up as their profession and an indulgence of their lives. Music is like a sea, its vastness is immeasurable, not only do you find different forms of music, you can even find their varied written forms. Just like any other profession, music too has its profession specific terms and categories.

For any good musician, having a proper and suitable chart, to read its written form, is absolutely essential. Any dedicated lover of music like Vince Pettinelli , who is a music teacher will agree,  a musician is as good as the written form of his musical piece. Only if his chart clearly tells him what he needs to play, will he be able to display his expertise in the genre.

There are various types of charts and it is of prime responsibility of the chart maker to produce correctly written charts, in order to be able to handle the reputation of the musician. Charts range from being simple to elaborate, and the word ‘chart’, musically means any form of written music. Also the type of tune or gig determines what kind of chart should be used.

The Chord Charts contains the form of the song, its meter and chords. It is utilized for referring to, when there is some kind of sudden change, or when some improvisation of chords needs to be made. It does not contain any melody, but purely chords.

The Sheet Music is written mainly for guitars and piano, it is compiled of chords, lyrics, instrumental part, melody and form. It is mostly, not exactly the same as the recorded music. Songbooks on the other hand, are a compilation of various tunes, and are available in various styles and for different instruments.

Being an ardent fan and professional of music Vince Pettinelli also owns an Orchestra after his own name. It is a swing band with extremely energetic vocalists, who have been entertaining audiences for the last 40 years.

Among the other forms of written music are the Lead sheets, Fake books, Master rhythm charts and Notated Charts. Be it any form of written music, what needs more attention is that the way in which it is portrayed and poured out for the listeners is one of immense pleasure.