Amazon Echo: Setting Timer and Alarms was Never So Awesome Before

Take out the Amazon Echo from the packed box, plug in and hear the sound of it waking up with “Hello” to begin with the process. Interestingly, within 60 seconds it is set to use and run till you desire. Right! It’s the time to have a friendly and superfluous device as a good companion, assistant and a friend to spend some time leisurely or to perform activities together.

amazon echo alarm

To be clear with, you have Amazon Echo which presents audio in a smart way with an echo speaker like an outstanding invention of the present advanced generation. This Echo is connected to the internet and tapped with a range of services to make it your best companion or a friend which help you to shop, know the sports score, weather and traffic information and even a DJ to which you are more addicted to listen and enjoy at home.

This Amazon Echo did not skimp on its sound quality and when compared to other speakers, it is favorably the same in cost but advanced in features. It can handle various tasks among which setting alarm and timer for everyday routine is something awesome and never experienced sort of advanced feature before. Your boring and noisy alarm that irritates you in bed is now interesting with Alex Echo which you can set on the home screen asked by the Echo. As its voice recognition is fantastic and marvelous, the topics like alarm, shopping, music, lists, weather, facts, stop, repeat and cancel are easy to spell and let the Echo function accordingly.

Use Amazon Echo in full range of sound and set alarm which repeats daily or on the same day of every week which was never so wonderful before. You can choose new tones for your alarm right from wake up to the calm and soothing sounds or allow the pulsar to attract your attention when the alarm goes off. Just open the Alexa app, select alarm and set the time with a specific tone. Just spell, “Alexa” and set an alarm for 6: AM to hit the gym or for a jog in the park.

According to Hack My Echo as Amazon Echo receives tons of features every now and then, this setting of alarm in an interesting tone is a new feature which is triggered through IFTTT. Let your Alex do the task after the alarm is set off and the lights automatically get turned on. Grab it and enjoy life in a new way from dawn to the moment you step onto your bed.