All About Unemployment Extension

So are you searching for the information about unemployment extension, what it is, how can one apply or how long does it lasts? Then here is a brief article that provides you the information regarding this all.

Unemployment extension or unemployment benefits or simply saying unemployment insurance means the same. It is basically a help provided to the unemployed for the fixed period of time until which they find a good job for themselves. Traditionally this unemployment insurance period lasts for 26 weeks. And in case when there is high rate of unemployment in the state an extension in benefits can be availed.

Unemployment extension provides the benefits of additional compensation for extended period. This extended unemployment benefits can be categorized into two i.e. Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits. EUC or Emergency Unemployment Compensation was provided as per the unemployment level existing in your particular state. In general the states that have unemployment rate above 6% can get benefits up to 33 additional weeks. However if the rate is below 6% the extension provided is only 20 weeks. Emergency Unemployment Compensation was originally passed in 2008.

Then there is EB or Extended Benefits which comes into effect after EUC gets expired. The level of unemployment in your state is the factor that again decides the extension of time you get. It may range from 6.5% to 8% according to the level of unemployment. In most of the cases a state would notify about applying for the unemployment extension when the traditional benefits will get expire. It is also beneficial to contact with the unemployment office few weeks before to get the best benefits of the unemployment extension.

In the event a person is willing to get the unemployment extension or benefits it is required that they should visit the office and meet unemployment officer. They may need to verify the status of being unemployed before they can get the benefits of unemployment extension. Unemployment extension is as such a short term help provided to the unemployed and so it is a duty of a person to find a good job again and not get dependent on benefits provided alone.

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