All About Driving Trucks and Sustainability

Showing concern for the environment is a critical aspect of running a business and competing in the marketplace.

Leading trucking companies are concerned about the environment and are implementing sustainability measures by employing CNG trucks, employee training, modern equipment, and dual-fuel trucks.

Some trucking companies are adding natural gas stations in an effort to keep fleets sustainable.

driving trucks

According to experts, the transport sector is responsible for twenty-five percent of the energy-related emissions that affect the environment, and in order to contribute to lowering this number, the industry needs to expand the use of low-carbon fuels from the current three percent to thirty percent by 2050.

The dilemma for owners of corporate fleets is the limited supply of affordable low greenhouse gas fuel. There is also limited information for trucking companies on how to increase fuel sustainability.

According to the ATA, they are building a “bold sustainability program” that will have a significant impact on sustainability and reduce fuel consumption by 86 billion gallons over the next ten years.

ATA figures show that trucks move 11 billion tons of freight every year and deliver all consumer purchases. The majority (80 percent) of all United States cities and towns receive delivery of consumer goods by truck.

Add to those stats the fact that 70 percent of all freight is delivered by truck, and you can understand the responsibility the industry has in developing sustainability programs.

The ATA states that some advances have already been made by the development of “new engines, highly efficient particulate filters, ultra-low sulfur diesel oil, and new management techniques.”

These improvements have already made a significant reduction in the overall environmental impact of the trucking industry.

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There are things every driver can do when they are behind the wheel. Speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking are all activities that waste gas.

Driving sensibly is one thing everyone can do to reduce the carbon footprint. Trucking companies must take a look at issues at the systemic level in order to achieve a large impact on sustainability concerns.

Bold action must be taken in the low-carbon fuel development process, and companies must be committed to using the practical solutions that presently exist to reduce their sustainability impact.

Green up your company’s transportation by reducing fuel usage where you can. Undertaking environmentally sound and responsible activities help your company and your community.