Advantages of HIV online dating sites

The dating sites serve as connecting links between or among unknown HIV diagnosed persons, irrespective of the sex/ race/ religion, who are willing to be companions or lovers or require emotional support.

HIV online dating sitesThe sites have the data relating to each of the HIV infected persons, preferring to become members (the membership numbers are growing multifold).

The respective HIV online dating websites have formed certain regulations for the memberships like exclusivity in membership to HIV+/ positive friendly or supportive persons only, and those who wish to date them with different options for straight/ gay/ bisexual singles, fixing the minimum age as 21 and disclosure of height/weight and also “other” measurements in proof of the age, status, income, religions, political beliefs, whether newly diagnosed or long term survivors and astrological signs even.

Some HIV positive dating sites include other sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, herpes also in addition to HIV.

Some famous persons like models, designers have joined the sites as members. Many sites are free to join; many charge sometimes heavily. There are different types of memberships like basis, premium, gold, etc., and each type having certain facilities/ restrictions.

For example, gold members cannot specifically search for positive users. The service includes sending virtual kisses or massages or instant chat with any member anywhere and live video option even. They celebrate birthdays of members and also many memorable days.

It contains lots of unique features like questions to live counselors and answers from them, live dating advisors, addresses of STD care locations, experiences of STD treated persons, information on STD activism, Daily STD news, STD chat room online and Support forums and events.

Many have the experience of continuing with the mate, met through dating, as a partner for a long time. The HIV online dating members have befriended a lot of people or got their new spouses. However, there are some negative people using this opportunity only for sex or to belittle someone.