Achieve Career Goals – Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary Life

Many people lack clarity when it comes to their career. Often they do not like the job profile they have, want to move ahead in their company or are having second thoughts about their career choice.

When it comes to professional life, it is the mindset that makes all the difference. You need to understand that your career path is in your hands, and not dependent on external factors. Making career goals and working on them is the surest means for career advancement. It is about working in a step by step, analytical fashion towards a concrete goal.

Some of the key points to keep in mind while making career goals are:

Be concrete – Make clear and specific goals and write them down, such as ‘I will be a team manager by the end of this year’ or ‘I will hand in my resignation to Dell International by September 30th’. Time lines are important as they give the goal structure.

Be realistic – Analyze your strengths and weaknesses honestly, and set goals such that they match your abilities. Also consciously work on your weaknesses to get over them. Ex. ‘I will take spoken English classes from next month to improve my pronunciation’ or ‘I will acquire additional software skills within the next 8 months’.

Identify Facilitators – You will need to identify people, resources, guides and organizations that can help you in reaching your goals. You could ask a specialist to make and update your resume, you could go to a job bank or career fair and build contacts in your field of interest who can give you advice and share their experiences with you.

List the obstacles – In order to be able to overcome obstacles you need to know what problems and setbacks you might face. This will make you prepared to respond accordingly.

Make a Plan of Action – Finally you can make a plan of action detailing the steps you will take to meet the goals. Break it down on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Success does not come from luck it comes from painstaking hard work. Planned goal setting will help you find that perfect job and move up the corporate ladder.