Achieve a custom essay writing style and vocabulary

Have you heard about Automated Essay Scoring program? It is a more objective program than human scoring that applies assessment criteria exactly the same manner whether it is the first or the hundredth essay marked on the same prompt. When immediate feedback is considered, these programs provide instant results positively if they are used as a formative assessment program.

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These programs allow pupils to works at their own range and at their comfort zone while receiving feedback on particular problem regions. WriteTecNYC is a renowned automated essay scoring program online offering immediate feedback on writings and allows for more frequent testing, hence leaving pupils great learning opportunities.

These programs help teachers reduce their marking load while providing more time for student-specific instruction and professional collaboration. As computers are now being used frequently as a learning tool in classrooms, the automated essay scoring programs in the same area as learning and offers more accessible statistical information to inform instructions.

There are many software programs online, so you have to be careful while adopting one of them in schools or home. Be careful about the potential threats. It is said that these software will eliminate human interaction from the writing process and writing is a kind of interaction between a writer and a specific type of audience that may be violated by AES programs.

If you choose WriteTecNYC for getting scores of your children in state tests, you can ensure accurate results. They have customized set of software assesses essays on the basis of features and traits that earn top scores. They compute your potentiality of achieving a top score to assess your essay’s grade. Hence, you can aim for and achieve a writing style and vocabulary perfect for your state and score level.