A small family opened apple orchard

The Sorensen’s came up with a creative idea that would change the way apple farming is done. They started a small business named Sorensen’s Apple Orchard that involves organic farming of apples. Apples are a healthy food, and they are even better when they are organic.

The family run orchard is owned by Carl, a disabled war veteran, and his lovely wife Faith. This promising project is supported by kickstarter, which helps businesses come to life and become successful.

Sorensen’s Apple Orchard is located on a 1.5 acre piece of land in the state of North Carolina. It is an orchard that uses all natural and organic fertilizer obtained from local farms and ranches in their community to grow its crops.

The main product sold is apples. They deal with the pink lady variety which blossoms in the North Carolina winter. Apple trees are grown initially from seeds. New baby trees are grown in a greenhouse environment before they are transferred to the main field after a two-year long wait. Besides apple trees, other vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and spices are grown on the garden next to the apple orchard on a 0.5 acre piece of land.

The NC locally grown apples are sold as pick your own apples. They are distributed to the local farmer’s market and grocery stores, and restaurants. Sorensen’s business, a kickstarter backed project, engages in a noble initiative of promoting healthy eating among the community. It donates apples that are not sold during the week to the local food banks, homeless shelters and local schools.

Sorensen’s apple orchard is an ambassador for healthy living. It ignores conventional farming methods and produces better tasting apples and healthy vegetables that are not contaminated by synthetic pesticide residue. They use natural pesticides from the local farmers store to keep off the bugs from the apple trees.