A San Antonio Plumber Star

Logging complaints against home repairs and plumbing companies is the work I do on a day to day basis for a San Antonio based state government agency. With time, I have come to create a list of the companies that have the least complaints lodged against them and one of the firms is a plumbing company named Atex Plumbing of San Antonio. I decided to give the company a visit and found out quite a bit about it.

plumberThe ownership structure

This is a family-owned plumbing business that has over twenty-five years of experience under its belt. As a result of being a family owned and centered business, it gets to understand the nuances of working on plumbing issues in a family and home setting. The technicians will, therefore, treat a client’s home with honor and respect which is what they do in their own homes.

The mindset of the technicians

When the technicians are in a client’s home doing repairs or installing new features in the client’s home plumbing, they will bring little distraction to the client’s normal day to day activities as well as ensure the good health, comfort and safety of the family.

As far as their motto goes, “you name it, we do it”, it is a testament of their work ethic that when clients give them a plumbing job to do, be it in San Antonio’s commercial district or residential premises, they will handle it to the clients satisfaction. I have had no complaints so far from any unhappy clients concerning this reputable company.

What they offer to do as a plumber

The complete range of plumbing services they offer includes new construction, sewer lines, and water heating systems, gas lines, water lines, water softening systems, and toilets. Other services they offer are plumbing remodelling, bath tubs and shower kits, kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets, garbage disposal and backflow preventers.

They are accredited too

The firm takes its place in the preservation and protection of the environment. It is a member of an accreditation agency that oversees plumbing initiatives that prevent plumbers from destroying the environment. The initiatives include proper disposal of material and clean energy procedures.

A-Tex Plumbing & Utilities is also a PHCC certified company and dedicates itself to the training and advancement of it technicians in the industry’s new developments and best practices. The licensed plumbers are experts in their respective fields and not salesmen. They aspire to give clients a service and not sell the service to the client.

Seek their plumbing service provision

Knowing who to trust when it comes to plumbing repairs and installation in a client’s home or business premises can be a daunting decision to make but when it comes to this firm, their record vouches for itself. A good place to learn more about their services is www.atexplumbingofsanantonio.com.