A guide to keeping your out buildings safe by locksmiths

When people think about home security they generally think about the main building adding the high-security locks to the front and back doors making sure they have adequate window locks and generally fitting a good security system to prevent anybody from the gain access to their home.

But in a lot of cases, people generally overlook external buildings such as garages, sheds, and temporary buildings but when it comes to petty crime these are often the targets for criminals because they have a lot of high-value items in them.

For example, if you were to take the belongings of your garage there are probably a few thousand pounds worth of equipment just in that building alone so to not have adequate security on this piece of property is a big mistake and could end up costing you thousands.

So this is why we decided to put together a guide that will help you make your outbuildings a lot more secure and keep all of your valuable belongings safe and away from the hands of opportunist criminals.

If you follow the steps below and apply each one of them to all of your external buildings you’ll be a lot safer and you will be surprised that the difference it can make to your insurance premium just by adding these security features to your property.

Step one fitting goods quality locks

Most of the time as locksmiths when we go out to assess people’s buildings we often find that the external buildings such as garages and sheds do not have very good locks on them generally people by cheap locks from the DIY store and just stick those to the entrance of the building but unfortunately these low quality locks are very easy to break into and therefore make your sheds and garages extremely vulnerable to criminals.

LocksBecause experts know exactly how to open all of these cheap locks and they will be in your garage or shed within minutes taking all of your valuable tools and equipment away with them so for the sake of buying a high quality lock for the door it can prevent a lots of cost later on if you have to make an insurance claim because somebody has broken into your garage or shed.

Step two addressing any vulnerable points on your buildings

Unfortunately because of the way a lot of the external buildings are made there are a lots of vulnerable points on garages and sheds the general vulnerable points that people gain access through our windows and the roof.

This is because on a lot of sheds they make the windows out of a very thin plastic which is very easy to break or manipulate to get the window open and leaving your shed viable to anybody that has the brute strength to force the window this is why we recommend that you cover the window with a metal grille or mesh to prevent people from being able to gain access through the window.

Another area of problem with a lot of cheap sheds is that the roofs are generally made of plastic which makes them very vulnerable because they are easy to break what we recommend you do is replace these with some sort of board as this will make the shed a lot more secure and make it a lot more difficult for an opportunist thief to gain entry.

You do not need to remove the plastic roofing to apply the boarding you can fit it inside of the shed underneath the plastic roof this will save you time and also makes the shed a lot more secure and prevent people from being able to gain access to your valuable tools via the roof.

Step three securing your tools inside of your property

Another great tip when it comes to keeping your property secure is to fix your valuable tools down inside of the outbuilding for example you can buy large security boxes that can be bolted to the floor so you can put all of your high-value tools inside of to prevent opportunist thieves from be able to take them away easily.

Another good thing to do with tools and bicycles is to mark them with Smart water this will enable any police authority to identify the item as belonging to you if they recover it after it’s been stolen admittedly this doesn’t prevent the item from being stolen but it does enhance your chances of getting the item back if the police recover it.

Step four fitting surveillance cameras

A really good deterrent when it comes to keeping your external building safe is to fit security cameras because when most opportunist thieves see that your external buildings are under surveillance they will not bother with your property and move onto the next one.

These are very good deterrent when it comes to protecting your property that’s why we highly recommend having security cameras not only on your external buildings but on your main home to because this is will not only reduces crime but will reduce your insurance premium to as the insurance company can see that you take your home security very seriously.

These are just a few of the things you can do to secure the external buildings around your home if you want a more detailed view of how to protect your home and the surrounding buildings then I recommend you find a good quality locksmiths in the local area and contact them as they should be able to give you a free security assessment to keep your home and property safe.