A Brief Guide to Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls – An Initiative by Dr. Jennifer Woll

Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, founded and owned by Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Woll is a cattery that specializes in Ragdoll Cats. Situated in the west of Chicago, Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls mainly deals with the special type of breeding cats called “Ragdoll” Kittens.

Dr. J's Perfect DollsDr. Jennifer Woll is an accomplished and reputed emergency Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. As an accomplished Veterinary practitioner, she is in this profession for more than fifteen years. For almost more than fifteen years she is providing emergency health care services to the sick animals overnight when other professional veterinary clinics or medical assistance are hard to find.

Dr. Woll completed the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Illinois. She received her degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Biology from Benedictine University and also an Associate degree in Business from the college of Duphage.

Dr. Jennifer Woll started her medical career and has practiced as a Veterinarian since 1993. She was an Associate Veterinarian in the Carol Stream Animal Hospital in Carol Stream Illinois until 1996. She also worked for Pet smart Veterinary Services from the year 1996 to 1998. Following this professional stint, she joined Emergency Veterinary Service in Lisle, Illinois as an emergency veterinary doctor. The job role was mainly focused on providing overnight medical care for the ill pets during times of emergency.

As an owner and founder of Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, Dr. Woll breeds “Ragdoll” Kittens. She has been a Ragdoll Cat breeder since the year 1994. The Ragdoll cat breed was first discovered by breeder Ann Baker in the year 1960. This particular cat breed is a combination of the Persian, Burmese, and Berman cats. These types of cats are known as “Ragdoll” and are at once recognized for their unique characteristic and tendency to go limp in the arms of a person.

Dr. Woll offers expert care and guidance to ensure the best breeding of muscular and large cats with soft and silky fur that restricts matting. Usually, Ragdoll cats are available with cream or white body color and lilac, seal, or blue points. Routine medical checks are performed on the cats’ everyday under expert supervision of Dr. Woll. From checking the cats for FeLV, FIV, parasites, to kidney disease, everything is done to ensure long and healthy life of the cats.

At Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, Dr. Woll works daily to ensure that each and every kitten will grow to be healthy. Here the kittens are kept in groups of five or fewer and live in a comfortable environment. Here, Dr. Woll also strictly follows the guidelines established by the Association of Feline Practitioners and the Veterinary Medical Association while performing routine health check of the cats. Hard work and keen medical supervision by Dr. Jennifer Woll has made the Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls a famous cattery based units that breeds beautiful and healthy “Ragdoll” Kittens.