6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Contract The Services Of A Concierge Doctor

There has been a rise in convenient home medical care due to the need for privacy and attention. As a result, concierge medical care services have been on the rise.  You might have to pay more than what you’d be charged in a normal hospital visit but it is all worth it.


Concierge doctors have to travel across countries and continents in some cases. Therefore, they always need available test kits aside from the normal diagnostic tools. The advantages are many and supersede the disadvantages. They include:

  1. Quality time with Physician

Compared to the routine hospital checkups, you get to spend enough time with your doctor. This minimizes the common issue of forgetting to mention to your doctor some of the symptoms that could have disappeared for some time.

  1. Comprehensive Care

A concierge doctor can learn more about a patient than they normally would in a hospital.  They get time to understand a patient’s lifestyle.

As a doctor, you can get inside information about your patient’s lifestyle and a few pointers that could lead you to right and fast diagnosis; for example, pets. The plants and overall surrounding of the home can also point you in the right direction when diagnosinga disease. A patient in a damp house could be suffering from a chronic and systemicfungal infection.

You might also get to meet their caregivers or children and learn of other missedor forgotten conditions.

  1. Coordinated Medical Care

A concierge doctor will help patients coordinate with other specialists. They can also easily contact other doctors for a ‘second’ opinion on patients’ cases.

In cases that need thorough tests, these doctors can easily source test kits from suppliers or manufacturers of Elisa kits such as mybiosource Elisa. They have distributors in all major states and as a concierge doctor, you need not worry about your samples being contaminated. You can contact a hospital in your locality to test your samples using Riverside Medical Group.

  1. Chronic Disease management

Some patients who suffer from chronic diseases are incapacitated. Moving them around is a medically unsound decision and therefore, concierge doctors will be the best option in such cases. Disease monitoring and management is easier when your doctor visits you.

  1. Convenience

A concierge doctor is able to visit you whenever you want them to. This means that you have the right to call your doctor at 2 in the morning and expect treatment.

As a doctor, you are able to plan your day well so as to do as many routine checkups as you can. In case you don’t get emergencies, you can check on all your patients on one side of town on one day and plan to see the rest on a later day or hour.

  1. Cost effective

As a concierge doctor, you know just about all there is to know about your patients because of the comprehensive records at your disposal. This cuts down on the cost of unnecessary laboratory tests.

In conclusion, getting personalized medical attention is a key step towards a healthy nation. New medical reforms are pro-concierge services because of their effectiveness.


Author Bio

Dorothy Chase MD is a renowned concierge medical doctor based in New York. She has 20 years of experience and recommends contacting mybiosource Elisa manufacturers because of their timely delivery and the preciseness of the test results. Read more on concierge medicine on the ,Medical Journal and visit mybiosource.com for more on the best Elisa kits for medicine.