5 Tips to Lose Weight that You Should Know About Today

Most people will do anything to lose weight, from fad diets to the latest exercise routine or training. It seems like there’s always a new celebrity endorsing some sort of pill or treatment to do so as well. But what there are many basic things that you include to your “do” list to help you lose weight:


Listen to your Body

Instead of fasting or doing some crazy diet where you only eat one solid meal a day or you go to bed without eating, listen to your body. In the morning you should have breakfast at least 30 minutes after waking up to start your day with energy, but the rest of day on non-meal hours if you get hungry, don’t ignore the signs, instead keep in your bag a healthy snack that will prevent you from eating all your fridge content at night or cheating with an ice-cream.

Get a Daily Inspiration

Don’t compare yourself to others, this will only cause you to get depressed and give up. Instead, consider having something to inspire you daily, it can be from a picture of the “old you” that you want to get back to, in a creative way (like an inexpensive custom coffee mug), to see every day with your morning tea or a pair of shorts or bikini you want to wear on the summer season.

Eat After you Workout

Try to plan your workout routine to match your meals, so you can have lunch or dinner right after. If you only have some free time between them, then make sure to have a protein shake, green juice or some healthy snack that will tell your body to calm down and wait until it’s dinner time.

Cut Out All Sugary and Soda Drinks

No matter how low calorie a drink may seem, the harsh chemicals and sweeteners that most sodas contain have been proven to cause addiction, because your body can distinguish between real sugar and these chemical sweets, it tells to your system that it’s not getting the real thing, so you’ll keep wanting more and never be satisfied.

Also, that double latte you have daily before work contains cream and many other high calorie ingredients that won’t allow you to keep losing weight and see more drastic results.

Be a Heavy Drinker

But not an alcohol drinker, we’re talking about water. Your body needs to stay hydrated, and water is the key.

Drink plenty water after your workout and during the day, but try to keep it minimum during meals because it gives you a false fullness sensation, instead only drink water or other liquids once you finish eating.