5 tips for writing your essay as a non-native English speaker

People who do not have English as their first language can face problems while writing professional, academic, scholarly, research and personal essays. If you are not a native English speaker and you are a freelancer, you might face trouble in getting work as well. Many foreign contractors and especially those who are native English speakers do not hire non-native English speakers. They like to prefer native English speakers for their work as they think that the non-native English speakers may not be able to write effective essays for them. However, to stand out among essay writers from all around the world, one needs to develop certain skills that might lead him or her in getting work from those who did not at first believe in the their abilities.

Take the Challenge

Do not think that you cannot do what a large number of people are doing and achieving at. It is true that there is a great competition out there, but, this should not stop you from taking up the challenge of becoming an effective essay writer. Face the music to enjoy the rhythm! Becoming a great essay writer is not an impossible task. With practice and determination, you can easily achieve what you desire.

Work On Your Vocabulary

A good vocabulary is what you need the most in writing effective essays. So, you should try to build your vocabulary as much as you can. You can do this by reading one page of a good dictionary every day. Moreover, speak in English in normal routine. Speaking in a language that you are not otherwise proficient in can make you take your difficulties from the throat and deal with them one to one.

Watch English Movies

Yes you read it right! Watch English movies every day. Select a movie for yourself that interests you and watch it before you go to bed. By watching a movie you will not only get to know a lot of new words, you will also come to know about slang words and phrases. Once you know the difference between slang and proper English, you will be able to create great essays with ease.

Read Excessively

For a person who does not speak in English and own the language, it is best that he reads excessively. Try to find books, articles, essays and news which interest you the most. Moreover,

  1. Visit libraries more often.
  2. Subscribe to English news papers online or offline.
  • Read novels if they interest you.

Reading will give you an easy grip on the language and make you proficient in it by increasing your knowledge.

Do Not Fret!

Do not be discouraged if people do not want to hire you for essay writing because of your being a non-native English speaker. Rather start writing experimental essays on the subjects that interest you and also on the subjects which are not so common on the internet. Then publish your essays on your blog on a website you can easily get access to. This way you will be able to get yourself noticed by contractors easily.

Author Bio: Mark Sedgwick P.H.D, is a Teacher and professional writer and works at several online paper writing services like EssayWolves, a freelancing company providing services to Students and Small Businesses. Besides teaching and writing he loves swimming, Table tennis and writing his personal diary.