5 Things to Do to Ensure Your Musical Event Doesn’t Flop

Music concerts are something most people always look forward to. It is a chance for people to get a look at their favorite celebrity, possibly get an autograph or a photo.

Music Event Background

If you are an event organizer, it is not all smiles for you. Many people, including the artist are depending on you for a successful event.

You need to do the following to ensure success:

  1. Anticipate problems.

As an event organizer, there is no such thing as unforeseen incidences. You have to come up with a dozen ‘what if’ scenarios and then troubleshoot to solve them.

Fans can be very merciless and if something happens to ruin their experience, they will tweet and post on Facebook about it. This will ruin the artist’s reputation and probably drive all traffic to your competition.

Anticipate and you will stay in business.

  1. Plan plenty of time ahead

Planning a music event takes a lot of work. You have to talk to many people and juggle lots of deadlines.

  • You have to plan the venue, get the stage set and make other necessary modifications to the grounds
  • You may need to interview and hire additional assistants
  • You have to print and sell the tickets.
  • You have to organize for transportation with airline and bus companies.
  • You need to get licenses from the local government.
  • You need to get security.

Avoid the last minute rush and plan months ahead.

  1. Provide everything at the venue

The most popular musical events have good lighting, fireworks and many screens all around the venue. You need to ensure that these things are in place and even have a lot more in storage.

You need to provide enough movable toilets for the fans. You should actually have a waste management company in place to replace and clean the facilities almost by the minute.

Food and drinks need to be in plenty. Give a contract to supply food and drinks to more than one company to ensure you have constant supply.

The artists also need a place to rest as well practice and refresh. Ensure the changing area for the artists is spacious enough to accommodate all their property.

Do not forget to have ambulances in place in case of emergencies.

  1. Organize for enough security.

A lot can happen in a concert, so you need to have enough security to deal with it. Fights break out, fans jump on to the performance platform and some even try to get into the venue without paying. More importantly, the rise in terrorist activities can turn an event into a disaster in case of an attack.

The need for security cannot be overstated. Provide enough security to avoid fatalities

  1. Provide other entertainment

If you are planning an outdoor event, you might experience a very high turnout. You need to provide enough distractions for most of the people who will not be close to the podium. It is also likely that some attendees will bring their kids with them.

Consider having magical shows and other entertainment events in place at different places in the venue. This will also serve as a separate income stream for you.

About the author

Sue Menza is an experienced event organizer with 10 years’ experience in planning musical events. She compiles her experiences gathered from her travels and her experience working with artists from all over the world to help you become a good event organizer. To find out more about what she has to advise, visit her site.