5 Simple Tips Be Impressed in Bucharest!

Dream to experience something unique during your vacation?
Let’s try an amazing city of Bucharest!

Only few people know that Bucharest is a true pearl of South-Eastern Europe! And it’s absolutely true! Bucharest, which is also known as the Little Paris and the City of Joy, is the most beautiful destination in the whole Romania and one of the best places for your weekend! Visit Bucharest and discover the city, which was hidden from the world for many years! Its unique and lovely atmosphere will help you to forget about everything and get a full relaxation! So, don’t miss your chance. We have prepared several great tips for your weekend which you shouldn’t skip. Don’t know how to check them? It’s very easy! Get a rental car, set the position in your GPS navigator and let’s go!

1. Have a picnic near the Parliament Palace!

Location: StradaIzvor 2-4, Bucharest 050563, Romania
GPS Position (parking): 44.429597, 26.087067
Length of visit: 2-3 hours


The most essential thing to do in Bucharest is to have a picnic on the enormous lawn in front of the enormous Parliament Palace! With its incredible area of 350 000 square meters and the height of 86 meters, it’s the most striking building in the whole Romania and the second largest (after the American Pentagon) in the world! Impressed? So, you can also explore the stunning interior of the Parliament Palace after your picnic and make several amazing photos!
Admission: entry $6, photography $7,5
Hours: daily 10am-4pm

2. Pass through the Triumphal Arch!

Location: Arcul de Triumf, Bucharest, Romania
GPS Position (parking): 44.466362, 26.079405
Length of visit: <1 hour

Yes, you’re not mistaken! This is a real Triumphal Arch! Now you understand why Bucharest is also known as Little Paris?…Budapest’s Triumphal Arch is an amazing construction which was built in honor of the defenders of the independence of Romania and it’s necessary to visit it and make some great photo-shots!
Admission: free
Hours: recommended in the evening

3. Dine in the La Mama Restaurant!

Location: StradaEpiscopiei 9, Bucharest, Romania
GPS Position (parking): 44.440848, 26.096169
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

If you want to taste several delicious dishes of local cuisine, and don’t want to spend extra money, you won’t find a better place than La Mama Restaurant! It’s the most presentable restaurant in the city, so you have to book a table in advance. Romanian cuisine is an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t miss!
Price range: $5-25
Hours: daily 11.30am-8pm

4. Walk on the banks of the Dambovita River!

Location: Dambovita River, Bucharest, Romania
GPS Position (parking): 44.434579, 26.078425
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

Walking along the Dambovita River is the best way to relax and soak up a unique atmosphere of the city. Choose one of the cozy squares, take a cup of coffee, sit on the bench and feel fresh river breeze blowing your face…
Admission: free
Hours: recommended when the sunset

5. Check your shopping senses in Bucharest Mall!

Location: CaleaVitan 55-59, Bucharest 031282, Romania
GPS Position (parking): 44.421535, 26.126453
Length of visit: 2-3 hours

You might think that there’s nothing to do for shopping lovers in Bucharest, but this is nonsense! We have prepared one secret shopping destination for you. So, visit Bucharest Mall and be happy, because you can find here anything you need: from unique designer’s clothing to original gift ideas and much more! Besides, you will be very satisfied about the prices!
Admission: free
Hours: daily 9am-8pm

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Feel the freedom in Bucharest!

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