5 Laptop Parts that Need Constant Replacing

Computers often break and this can result in loosing important data. Desktop computers are much easier to fix than laptops. One of the biggest problems with fixing a laptop is limited space inside the box, which requires us to search for spare parts of adequate size.

This can turn in to huge drag, especially if you are trying to fix an older model. In this article we reviewed some of the computer parts that break down easily, so you can start searching for adequate replacements, even before your machine shuts down.

1- Cooler Fan

Cooler fans break down very often and in most cases this is caused by dust and debris that get caught on it. Cooler fan’s malfunction is easy to notice, because in most cases it causes overheating or it makes strong grinding sound when computer is on.

This type of malfunction in most cases can be fixed without replacing the cooler. Computer’s case needs to be opened, and the fan needs to be unplugged from the mother-board. Depending on the model, this might require unscrewing few screws, and you should always consult the manual before you start opening the case. 

Dust and debris should be cleaned with compressed air. After the cleaning is over, fan should be plugged back to the mother-board, and after you close the case, you should turn on your computer to verify that the cooler fan works normally.

In some cases cleaning cooler fan from dust and debris is not enough. Then you will need to replace your computer’s cooler fan with a new one. This is especially important if your laptop cooling fan gets broken. Laptops come with much smaller case, which means it’s much harder to find a spare cooler fan with an adequate size. For this you will need to search websites that sell spare laptop parts.

2- CD/DVD Drive

This is another computer part that dies very fast. You can notice something is wrong with the drive, when it is releasing grinding noises and it is not able to read CDs and DVDs in timely manner. Like most other easy-breakable parts, CD or DVD drive also suffers from outside influences (mainly from dust and debris).

Sometimes after you eject the drive, minor cleaning with compressed air might solve the problem, but in most cases you will need to buy another CD or DVD drive. Good thing is that these drives are quite cheap and with adding few extra dollars you will be able to buy a top notch drive that won’t break so easily.

3- Keyboard

Since keyboards are widely exposed to outside influences, this often causes malfunctions that require their replacement. While desktop computer keyboards are easy to replace, you will have much more trouble with finding and replacing keyboard on your laptop machine. When keyboard on your laptop stops working, first thing you need to do is to determine whether it is hardware or a software failure. You can do it by docking external keyboard on USB port. If external keyboard is working, it’s a hardware problem, if not it is a software one.

Software problems can be fixed with reinstalling the keyboard driver, while hardware ones require much more work. Same as with cooler fan, dust or debris might be obstructing keyboards regular work and it can be cleaned by compressed air. If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the keyboard. This requires undoing few screws and unplugging the data cable that connects keyboard to mother-board.

4- Power Supply

This computer part usually breaks because of the use of cheap electronic components or power surges that might occur. This malfunction is usually followed by some of these symptoms:

· Computer can’t be turned on;

· It often reboots by itself;

· It is frequently overheating;

· It causes electric shocks;

· Smoke is coming out from it;

You should fix this problem immediately, because using the desktop computer or a laptop with corrupted power supply might be dangerous and it can cause electric -shocks or fire. Power supply needs to be replaced, by opening the case, undocking the corrupted power supply from mother-board and replacing it with a new one.

5- RAM

The blue screen of death is a common symptom of RAM malfunction. This failure can corrupt the data you have on your hard drives, which is why you definitely need to do something about it, as fast as possible. Luckily most manufacturers place RAM on convenient places, so users can easily replace or upgrade it.

When replacing RAM memory, you can use the same RAM spare part, or choose the one that offers more memory space. It is important to check whether your computer can support memory upgrade and how much memory you can add. For this task you will need a small screwdriver, with which you should open the computer case. While replacing RAM memory on desktop computers is easy, doing it on a laptop can be much more challenging.

Depending on the laptop brand, you can access RAM memory from bottom panel or from under the keyboard. To access the memory slots sometimes you need to dislodge the mother board, which involves disconnecting all the cables that lead to hard drives, modems and other components. When doing this it’s very important to take notes, and remember where each cable went before unplugging. Taking photos after each step of the process will help you to put everything back in place.

There are many different malfunctions that can be fixed by users, but if your computer is still under warranty or you don’t feel competent enough to do these fixes yourself, it’s always advisable to seek for professional help.