4 Useful Criteria for Choosing the Best Batting Cage Nets

If you are an avid baseball fan and want to take this sport seriously, you might consider investing in a backyard batting cage nets for you. Batting cage nets are meant to keep the ball from getting into farther place or areas when powerfully struck by the players.

It is a strong cage that serves a good purpose to keep the ball in place and endure the strength exerted by the players. When purchasing a new batting cage net, you need to consider many factors – like the materials used in manufacturing the nets, the width of the net, color of the net etc.

batting cage net

Strength Matters:

The strength of the batting cage is very important. Batting cage nets typically come in two types of materials – nylon and fibers. Both of these materials can provide you with excellent breaking strengths and abrasion resistance.

You can go for the both since the both these materials are great for durability and tend to be highly resistant to different weather conditions. Polyethylene fibers are known for its high-density and non-corrosive nature, which makes them highly resistant to the damage that can be caused due to the constant exposure to the elements.

Construction of the Net:

The next thing you need to consider about your batting cage is the way it is constructed. Before buying the net, you should be very aware of the way in which the net is constructed. Most popular and recommended type is the one that comes with square construction.

Square construction is highly recommended since they are more resistant to the wear and tear that it will go through all around the year. Apart from that, you should also choose a batting cage net with a baffle net built behind the batting area. This provides the players as well as the net with an extra safety and protection.

Color of the Netting:

The color of the net you choose is of the same importance when making your decision to buy a new batting cage net. It is always recommended to not use any dazzling colors for netting. Dazzling and glossy colors are the source of distraction. Furthermore, they are not as resistant to the suns as the black ones.

The best way to avoid any confusion regarding the color of the batting net, you can choose the black ones. Batting cage net is not about the style but practicality. Hence, you should be practical while choosing the color for the netting.

Size to Consider:

It is important to consider the size of the net that you are getting the batting cage nets for. If you are a professional baseball player, you may need to install a large batting cage. Most of the professional baseball players prefer to use the nylon netting since it has a longer life span.

For installing batting cage nets at home, you can use polyethylene nets since they are more appropriate and cost-effective. These types of netting also offer better protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They are water resistant as well.