4 Major Benefits of using gopro mounts

Before gopro mounts came around, bikers had to be creative in capturing footage of their biking adventures. Some even went ahead to duct tape their cameras to their helmets for that elusive angle of footage. Today, we live in a world where creativity and dynamism defines the production that we create. If you are a photographer, filmmaker or simply an enthusiast, you need convenient and safe ways of capturing amazing footage while on the move. Camera mounts of cyclists are the best thing since sliced bread for the following reasons.

gopro mounts

  1. Safety

This is by far the most important reason why these mounts exist. While cycling at a very fast speed or cycling rough terrain, taking your hands off the handlebars is not an option. You can put yourself in great danger trying to take footage using a handheld camera. You can use mounts to attach cameras on the handlebars of your bike, on your helmet, roll bars or even under the bike seat. You do not have to worry about the cameras once you are on the move and you can enjoy a safe,  fun ride with tons of footage to prove it.

  1. Capture amazing footage

Extreme sports is a trend among many thrill seekers, young and old. There are so many biking skills and tricks that you can use while on a cycling session. Without a camera crew riding with you, you may not be able to capture this amazing moments. Bike mounts to the rescue. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, you can use bike mounts for your cameras to capture amazing footage and POV frames that showcase your riding skills and tricks in a way that no one else cap capture. If you do not want to be disappointed by the documentation of your biking journey, bike mounts is the way to go.

  1. Variety of mounts available

You can mount a camera on just about anything today. You can even use multiple cameras to capture the same footage at different angles for a more intense film. There are different sized mounting brackets for your hat, helmet, handlebars, chest and headbands. If you want to see the same footage from a point of view, using the mounts will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Durability and versatility

Another challenge of using regular cameras is the hostile environment that you may get into when cycling a very rough terrain. Without the right equipment, you can easily damage your camera and lose a lot of priceless footage. You need the durable and versatile gopro mounts that can handle almost any kind of hostile environment including bad weather. You can mount the camera in almost any position. There are also various accessories that come along with these mounts to allow you to get even better footage that any old smart phone or regular camera.

With these mounts, you can transform a simple bike ride into something that is out of a movie.


While he is not riding his bike, Barry Stone is busy taking photographs of architecture. You can visit his blog for more details about the best Gopro mounts in the market.