4 G Mobile Technologies Is Most Awaited

With a lot of improvements in the mobile technology here is again a new improvement, the 4G mobile technology which is the successor of the third generation. Initially it was just a mobile internet, then came the faster internet which is the broadband, then came third generation and now this is not sufficient for mobile users so there is 4G mobile technology.
So now distance does not matter where ever we are we can speak to any of our friends, family, officials, or anyone with just a click. 
No feelings of depart. The main difference in the 3G and 4G being the data transfer speeds. It is not required to carry the laptop to the place we go, just mobile is far more sufficient. 
This can be said as the standardization of the mobile technology.
Security is established in the 4G mobile technology. A secure IP address is produced here. 4G mobile technology uses the OFCDMA operating system which uses a narrow channel for the data transfer, so data transfer occurs in milli or micro seconds.
4G mobile technology is the major invention of the 3GPP organization which is going to introduce 2 wireless networks. One is called the LTE and other is IEEE802. LTE is the long term evolution which is also a type of 4G mobile technology is granted permission for the access. The later one is waiting for the authorization. Giving all these attributes definitely the data charges would be higher but to the function this amount can be paid.
People being bored with the regular usage of 3G mobile technology for their data transfer, chats, video calling, downloads, etc now eagerly waiting for the 4G mobile technology which is having a multiplexing access scheme yet to come. It has loaded features but his may also fade away as it comes and invention of 5G mobile technologies is not surprising.