3 New Garden Design Ideas

Designing a garden is a time for you to express your ideas however you desire. Gardens can be a private or a public thing, and most of the design choices are up to you. A myriad of supplies for gardening are available at your local hardware store, and this allows for a number of different styles and designs that are possible. Past the technical aspects of plant and flower care, gardening is an extremely personal process.

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Focusing on Plants

One major type of garden is one where the main focus of the space is the plants, and the human element is minimized. An example of this is something like a forest preserve or national park, where a majority of the space is reserved for plants, and any human element like hardscaping is merely a pathway through, and little more. This type of garden is best for people who feel more personally connected to the plants which they care for, and merely showing off the plants is of no concern to them. If you are a nature-lover who wants nature to exist in its purest form, this type of garden is for you.

A Different Kind of Garden

Another type of garden is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This would be a garden where the plants are merely an accessory to the majority space, which is for human living and interaction. This space may have many potted plants or trellises with plants on them. The plants here accessorize and complement other elements of the space, and together they make an appealing space for lounging, talking, or other types of socializing. These kind of spaces can either be indoors or outdoors, and are best suited for areas where people may pass through often or spend long periods of time in.

Sharing Your Space

Another type is a mix of both of the previous types. A middle point is reached, where people and plants will share the space evenly. There will be ample room for socializing or leisure here, while also having a substantial space for plant care and growth. This is best for the gardener who wants to have a lavish garden with a variety of plants, while also being able to live with and appreciate these plants from the comfort of their own backyard or home.

These are examples of only three types of gardens. Very few people will adhere to only one specific type of gardening, and will most likely branch out and explore other types. This is the important part. Do not feel locked in to one specific garden design. Rather, branch out and experience many different kinds to find out which one suits you best.