Why Indian Handicraft Items Make Perfect Return Gifts

Whether it is the Big day of your perfectly planned wedding, your child’s first birthday party or your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration, gifting items can be tricky for any occasion. As you planned this day to utmost perfection, you must have made sure to have each and every item in place to minutest details. Then why have any ordinary items have return gifts and make your guests feel, well, ordinary? Take an extra step to plan ahead for return gifts and make them remember and relive your special day forever.


Try your hand at picking exquisite Indian handicraft items as return gifts. You will be surprised with the number of options that are available in the market to suit your budget and they make perfect and unique gifting items over ordinary glassware return gifts.

To first get an idea about the variety of gifting items, first set your budget. How much do you want to invest in each piece and how many guests would be arriving at your event. Then to buy handicraft items, you can either opt to go to your Indian local bazaars or look up for finer and more detailed and structured options online. One can also find several Indian handicrafts at flea markets. There are several vendors online who provide items in bulk at wholesale prices where you can save some money.

Picking one item can be very tedious. Try to mix and match between various colors, enamels, handworks, shapes, sizes, designs etc. of similarly budgeted items to maintain uniqueness in each of your handicraft gifts. Make a list of your guests and pick out unique pieces for each related members of a group of guests (for eg: pick out a unique set of items for your office colleagues and a similar set of a different color can be picked for some other group). Traditionally handcrafted gifts in exquisite designs and spectacular craftsmanship can make your guests remember your special occasion and keep those precious moments alive forever.

IF you think you can go that extra mile and invest more time into return gifts, then there are several DIY handmade gifting ideas for making special yet easy handicraft gifts at home. You can make it into a fun activity if you have kids and they can also learn from you while giving you a helping hand with these simple and easy-to-make Indian handicraft items for return gifts.