Why are Ergonomic Chairs Important for Your Office?

Sitting can be defined as a position which adds stress to the structure of your spine. In order to avoid developing back problems or compounding them, it is paramount importance to have a proper ergonomic chair that supports your lower back, evoking good posture. In the world that we live in, many people are forced to sit all day long in office environments.


Despite the fact that sitting is less physically demanding as compared to standing or walking, it does put a considerable amount of stress on the lumbar area. Combined effects of a job that requires sitting and a sedentary lifestyle in general may give rise to numerous health issues. With this in mind, the selection of a suitable, ergonomic chair is a crucial step in preventing health problems for those working in a sitting position.

A well-designed chair is the one that allows the user to always sit in a balanced position. Having said that, buying an ergonomic chair is a good first step, but you can maximize the benefits only if you combine it with a right posture. 

There are several basic things you should consider before purchasing an adequate chair for your job. First of all, the same chair will seldom be suitable for everyone. You have to take into account body dimensions when selecting a chair for a particular person, as it can fit one part of the body at the expense of straining another. By the same token, one same chair will not be suitable for every activity. For instance, a dentist will require different chair than an industrial worker or graphic designer.

As a general rule, the optimal seat height should be one quarter of the full body height, since the leg-to-torso ratio can significantly vary. Sophisticated seat mechanisms now provide a wide range of adjustment options, enabling each chair to be adjusted in a way that allows for flexible sitting. Flexible and healthy sitting enables employees to work effectively and not become overtired. Therefore, those chairs that promote active sitting will probably bring about improved performance and fewer sick days.

When looking for an ergonomic chair, certain features are particularly important. First of all, the seat height should be easily adjustable. When it comes to width and depth, there should be enough of both so as to support any user comfortably. The chair should also provide good lumbar support and not strain your lower back. Arm rests should be adjustable, while the backrest has to be adjustable in both forward/backward and vertical directions.

Any proper ergonomic chair should rotate easily. With regard to stability, a five star base is strongly recommended for most working environments. Last but not least, the material on the sitting part and backrest should have sufficient padding, as this will provide optimal comfort when you are sitting on you chair for extended periods of time. 

Olivia Still is a blogger, home improvement enthusiast, and online marketing consultant for a number of Australian companies, currently closely collaborating with Rockdale Office Furnishers.