Why All Sports Equipment Awards Are Not That ‘Rewarding’

Do you have a knack for creating sports equipment that might render diverse help to sportsmen in action? Do you dream to see your favorite athlete depending largely on equipment that you’ve created?


This dream, no wonder how far-fetched it seems, can come true, even without  the hassles and frustrations that novice sports equipment designers face- provided you have the talent to charm the experts in the field with your innovations.

Join the sports equipment awards that A’ Design Award arranges to encourage young talents- and realize your long cherished ambition.

Why Join The Competition

The award boasts of a worldwide recognition and is known for its transparent policies regarding its judgment. Unlike many of the sports equipment awards, participants joining this competition do not need to pay any hidden charges to bag the award.

On the other hand, their innovations are thoroughly checked by a jury, comprising of CEOs and / or head designers of premier sports equipment companies, as well as by professors and faculty heads.

Additionally, the committee also commissions a group jury, composed of real people. Thus, the chance of any bias while determining the final result is eliminated. Hence to be a winner, you’ll only need to arm yourself with a quality, practical design that can be counted on!

About The Rewards

The winners are offered an all-inclusive service to promote their designs, without paying anything. Plus, they get a chance to communicate with the big names in the industry, who, in the near future, can be their potential leads. The winning designs also find a place on the A’ best design books, which are distributed worldwide.

Furthermore, the designs are featured on webzines, premier magazines, and newspapers so the winners get an international audience. As the cherry on the icing, the best designs are also exhibited in Italy. So the rewards are something that very few sports equipment awards can offer you.