What You Need to Know about Glass Vials?

Keeping your lab running efficiently is a priority. One way you can streamline your operations is by effective management of your inventory so that you can be sure that lab members have the exact materials they need to optimize their research endeavors.

Glass Vials

Forming a long-term relationship with the right equipment supplier is crucial, so that you can organize order requests, approvals and pending orders and set up a regular order schedule, thus eliminating duplicate orders and saving money.

When it comes to ordering glass vials there are a number of things you need to consider, including:

  • The type of glass the vials are made from
  • Whether you need clear or amber glass vials
  • The type of caps that are available
  • If the vials and caps are reusable

What Type of Glass Vials?

All Wheaton vials are made from low extractable borosilicate glass. This means that the glass is made with special properties which enable it to withstand very high temperatures. This means it is less likely to bend or reshape when heating. It also allows for storage at very low temperatures. Borosilicate glass is also able to endue volatile chemicals.  Wheaton’s amber vials are made from borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I requirements to protect delicate samples from UVA damage.

High Recovery Vials

High recovery vials are more efficient than flat bottom sample vials because of their conical interior which enables the sample to be withdrawn using a dropper or syringe. This will eliminate residual waste, saving you money. Wheaton high recovery glass vials result in a 99% reduction in waste compared to standard flat bottom vials.

What Type of Cap?

Wheaton supplies 14B rubber lined black phenolic screw caps, as well as aluminium seals, straight plug stoppers, lyophilization stoppers, and complete coat stoppers. All Wheaton glass vials and caps are autoclavable.

An Introduction to Wheaton          

Just like any other research equipment in your lab, it’s important that you get the very best in glass vials to match your commitment to the highest level of success when it comes to testing. When it comes to glass vials, there are few suppliers that can come close to matching Wheaton’s standards and customer track record. With an impressive 125 years of experience, this exemplary company has been working with laboratories throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada to ensure that their storage solutions needs are met promptly and efficiently.

The glass vials supplied by Wheaton, whether they are sample vials or specialty vials, conform to USP Type I regulations, so you can rest assured that your samples will remain safe and free from contamination in storage. Equally important, Wheaton is always on the cutting-edge of science and continues to look ahead to see how they can improve their products and services to match the ever-advancing world of life science research. This ensures you can rely on their glass vials for your sample storage needs. Trust the Wheaton standard to help you forge on with your life’s work.