What Are The Top Ten Uses Of Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are nowadays most popular kitchen appliances. They save cooking time and makes food tastier. It takes very little time to cook in microwave as compared to traditional method. One can set different times of cooking for different food items. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean. Cooking in microwave does not require any supervision. Beside microwave cooking retains the nutritive value of the food. Any food item can be heated faster in microwave oven. Microwave oven implements your task with ease. Now in today’s modern life microwave is not just fashion but necessity of the day.


Uses of microwave oven:

  1. Microwave oven reheats the precooked food in seconds and minutes without taking away the natural flavor, taste and quality of the food.
  1. Microwave oven plays an important role in commercial food joints. Where pizzas, burgers and rolls are serve hot to the people.
  1. One can prepare many delicious varieties of food items in microwave oven. Special recipes have been developed for microwave cooking.
  1. It is most convenient gadget that makes meals in minutes, baking, roasting, steams and grills.
  1. Microwave oven is a complete kitchen solution. Food cooked in microwave retains its color, even taste better and also retains its crispness.
  1. Any cooking in microwave is time based and it is no longer necessary to stay in the kitchen for longer time. It mainly requires a dish on the turntable and press the required time for any particular dish. Microwave oven has timer which helps you to set the time for cooking. Different times are set to cook different items whether one wants to grill or bake or use convention.
  1. It is energy saving as it does not require pre-heating once switched on the heating process starts and food get heated immediately.
  1. Thawing in the microwave can be done in minutes and saves time in heating frozen foods. Vegetables when boiled in microwave safe container are healthier than boiled in a pan.
  1. Utensils in microwave are not heated only the food gets heated.
  1. Microwave oven also reduces the consumption of oil and prepares low fat food.
  1. By using microwave one can reduce energy consumption since cooking takes less time and microwave are eco-friendly and does not produce indoor air pollution as compared to traditional cooking.

Incredible features of microwave oven

It is very convenient to use microwave oven as it prevents burning of cooking pots. Both speed and convenience has made microwave important appliance among homes and offices and even some restaurants. It is also safe for children when they use to reheat pizzas or any food item. Microwave is multipurpose appliance where roasting, grilling, toasting, cooking is done. It has simplified lives of millions of people around the world and have transformed kitchens helping people in multiple ways. It has occupied prominent place in modern kitchens due to its time saving and convenience. Purchasing a microwave oven is a sensible decision. It consumes less electricity. They are also easy to maintain and clean. It just starts with single push button and therefore easy to operate.