Various Benefits of Kelp

Many people know it as sea weed but the original name is kelp. Kelp is an algae which grows under the water in forests in shallow and clean areas of the oceans. Kelp grows best below the temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This algae is mainly famous for its ability to reproduce. It can grow up to 20 inches per day and can become more than 200 feet long. Many people does not now that how much important this sea mineral is and the benefits of kelp as many variety of vitamin comes from this sea mineral. The main reasons that makes kelp not just sea weed is two elements which are found in kelp.


Kelp contains iodine and brown algae. This is the same iodine which heals your cut very quickly. But besides that, iodine also very beneficial as a vitamin works inside our body too. Kelp is very helpful for thyroid as well as iodine absorbs iodide ions form the blood to produce and release the hormones back into your blood. This is important because without the iodide ions your metabolic rate can be reduced drastically due to thyroid hormone deficiency. If your metabolism drops considerably then it could lead to obesity even. Because of these reasons, kelp is so much important for your body.

Besides iodine, brown algae is also very beneficial for our health and body though the benefits of brown algae are not readily recognizable like iodine. It plays very important role and acts as anti aging product which can be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Other than iodine and alkali, many other growth hormones, minerals, proteins, enzymes, trace elements are found in kelp including iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. According to research, 100 grams of kelp has fiber of 1.3 grams, carbohydrates of 9.6 grams, sugar of .6 grams, fat of .6 grams, and protein of 1.7 grams. The main benefits of kelp are that it increases metabolism, supports prostate and helps poor digestion, helps brain development, heals liver, helps to cure anemia and impotence. Kelp also helps to keep to cholesterol level low and boost energy levels. It can also be used to reduce the pain of arthritis. There are other benefits of kelp also. You can use kelp as a fertilizer also. In the Far East kelp is also considered as a delicacy.

Kelp is available in capsule, dried and powder form. You can add it to your drinks or can use as a substitute of salt or as a flavor to get the benefits of kelp. If you take kelp daily in form of capsule or in powder form, it will help your body in many ways.