Vape Pens: Is This a Trend for You?

Vape pens, thanks to a combination of grassroots interest and speculative journalism, have quickly risen to become one of the highlights of the e-cig and vaporizer world. For those new to the scene, the differences between digital vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and their related equipment. So let’s take a closer look at these devices, what options are on the market today, and why the phrase “vape pen” is getting so much attention these days.

Vape Pens

E-Cigs vs. Vaporizers

In some ways, e-Cigs are to vaporizers what cigarettes are to cigars. One tends to be smaller, easier to pack, and faster to enjoy, while the other tends to take more work and care but offers a more customizable, richer experience for those willing to invest in it. One is not better than the other – it depends on how and where you prefer to smoke (as well as what, which we will explain later).

When it comes to technology, both e-cigs and vaporizers use energy sources (batteries, chargers, etc.) to heat up a substance. E-cigs used tailored liquid cartridges, while vaporizers are more adaptable, allowing users to substitute cartridges for a number of different materials, especially oils, waxes, and dried herbs.

E-cigs only have to heat the liquid to a certain point to create vapor, while vaporizers use either convection (hot currents of air) or conduction (old-fashioned heating of the surface) to produce results.

Because liquid can be transmuted in vapor relatively easily, e-cigs tend to be smaller, easier to manage, and more like smoking a real cigarette than vaporizers. However, as vaping tech improves, the differences are growing slighter as time passes.

The Rise of Vape Pens

Vape pens are extra-small, portable vaporizers, like a combination between traditional vaporizers and e-cigs. They tend to cost around $100 for a basic start-up kit, and they tend to look fancier than e-cigs. While e-cigarettes often attempt to blend in with the cigarette crowd, vape pens try to stand out with modern, sleek styles, brighter, shinier colors, and aesthetic additions like mounts and glasswork.

These additional, showy features have created a lot of buzz about vape pens – as has the media, with frequent reports on how vape pens can easily be hidden away and used to smoke – well, almost anything, particularly by teenagers. In reality, the largest market for vape pens is probably the hookah crowd, who use the portable vaporizers to smoke a variety of floral and fruit-oriented oils or dried flowers. Like e-cigs, vape pens are also being marketed as ways to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigs offer the ability to taper off levels of nicotine, while vape pens have a wider range of products, many

Which Works Best for You?

For now, if you live in the United States, vape pens are still finding their place. Many traditional vape pen products, like oils and wax, are easier to find in other countries and difficult to import into the United States, where regulations tend to be fairly strict. Dried flowers and other materials, on the other hand, are much easier to find in North America. This makes brands like Atmos and Cloud popular for their ability to handle multiple vape substances. Brands like Omicron are also rising in popularity due to their strong warranties, focus on fashion, and ease-of-use for vape beginners.

You best course of action is to find the vape product that matches your experience and needs. E-cigs are designed to replace traditional cigarettes with a healthier, modern alternative that includes a number of different flavor options. Vape pens offer more variety when it comes to floral notes and other substances beyond liquid cartridges, and are easier to show off. For now prices are relatively equal, but e-cigs remain easier to find.

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