Types of gearbox and what are they used for?

The continuous development in the technical sciences has given us so many technological wonders like equipment and machines. These equipment and machines is being used widely by the individuals and business peoples all around the world.

Types of gearbox

The gearbox is one of the most commonly used machine which is usually used in turning the input speed in a slower and lighter output speed but it provides more output torque. This is widely used by the people for different purposes and here I am sharing with you some common types of gearbox machines which assist us efficiently in so many different kinds of tasks.

  • Helical Gear Box: These gearboxes are used for the purpose of corrosion resistant boxes creation. These boxes are considered to be providing heavy duty and are perfect for industrial usage.
  • Vertical Gear Box: These gearboxes are highly preferred and commonly used in the different construction materials as well as for the house hold vertical mills.
  • High Mast Gear Boxes: These gearboxes are commonly used for the purposes of ports, airports, traffic and other places where the support light columns are situated at such a high level.
  • Worm Reduction Gear Box: This gearbox reduces the noises that are made by the operation of the gear inside. Most importantly, these gearboxes do not require much maintenance and these can be used easily in any perpendicular position. You can keep it locked when this is not in the use and then you can open it.

Additionally, there are so many benefits of using gearbox. Like the gearboxes protect the internal gears from the external hazards. And, they reduce the noise made by the gears. And most importantly, the gearboxes help to make the internal gears more durable. So, the gearbox is one of the most important parts of the machine which gives it long life and keeps it maintained and safe from the outer hazards that could be harmful for the machine.

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