Top Pet Nutrition Trends to Watch Out In 2015

The pet food industry has been witnessing rapid transitions in the past few decades. Pet owners have now become more conscious about involving a healthy diet plan for the pets with an objective to promote overall well-being. These significant changes in the customer preference have forced the pet food providers to think differently.

Sticking to the virtues of going green, most of the pet food manufacturers are looking to stress more on the production of natural and organic pet food. Moreover, besides, emphasizing on the use of natural ingredients, most of them are thinking about bringing variations, as well. The following are some of the most interesting pet nutrition trends to watch out this year.

  • Popularity of Gluten Free Nutrition

The popularity of gluten-free nutrition for the pets still continues to increase as we step into 2015. In fact, experts believe that this nutrition trend is actually the change initiator. Since, this specific type of food cannot be manufactured using grains, more and more manufacturers are looking to use natural ingredients like lentils, peas and chickpeas. Advent of gluten free food has not only helped in promoting a healthy diet plan for the pet, but it has also worked as a catalyst for the change.

  • Growth of Sports Nutrition for Pets

With an objective to make the pets fit and strong at the same time, more and more pet owners are opting for sports nutrition diets. The sports nutrition diets are exclusively manufactured with a view to optimize the oxygen metabolism within pets. Diet plans containing sports nutrition helps the pets to enjoy better immunity and endurance. These food supplements often contain essential amino acids that help to nurture the muscles after exercise.


  • High Demand for Dehydrated Food

With time, an increasing number of pet owners are looking to opt for dehydrated food items with a view to restrict gastrointestinal diseases in pets. Owing to the rising demand, more and more manufacturers are focusing on offering dehydrated pet food. Market research shows that an increasing number of brands are joining the market of dehydrated pet food and as such it is predictable that this sector will continue to grow.

  • Demand for Natural and Organic Pet Food Will Stay Steady

Similar to the situations that prevailed in the previous years, the demand for natural and organic pet food is predicted to stay the same this year, as well. Studies show a strong customer inclination towards natural ingredients because they not only help in promoting pet health and immunity, but they also ensure a healthy diet plan. Consistent research is aiding the development of even more advanced natural pet food supplements that might help in restricting nutritional deficiencies more effectively.

Experts forecast that advent of new pet food items will diversify the entire sector, and it will make it easier for the pet owners to select a proper diet plan for the pets.

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