Tips in Washing Velvet Fabric

One of the most luxurious fabrics is velvet and it has a wonderful feel to the skin. It also looks very elegant that it can make the wearer or the furniture it covers regal.

Velvet Fabric

There is one disadvantage of having velvet fabric and that is it easily absorbs stains. Such dirt can destroy the material’s nap and if these stains are not removed properly, the fabric will never appear the same. Here are tips on washing your velvet so that it looks fabulous always.

Take off the surface dirt from your velvet. Place a small wand on a vacuum cleaner. Set at the lightest setting, your vacuum shall take off dust and dirt from your velvet. You can also utilize a hair brush having soft bristles instead of a vacuum cleaner for dirt to be loosened.

Get a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean stains. Get a basin and place one cup cold water and a teaspoon of gentle liquid detergent in it.

Dip your toothbrush’s end in the mixture and gather the suds. Use the bubbles to scrub off the stain. Never saturate stains with water. If your detergent fails to take off the stain, blot it using a dry cleaning solvent. Use a baby diaper made of cloth to apply the solvent on the stain.

You can also get a white cloth that is clean to blot the stain. For it not to set in your velvet, apply small pressure when you blot the fabric. Let this dry for half an hour away from heat.

You should also steam your velvet by first turning it inside out. Take off creases by placing a steam iron or a steamer a couple of inches away from the fabric. If you are utilizing a steam iron, this must be placed on low heat. If you have a steamer, place it on minimal setting. To take away wrinkles, move your iron backwards and forwards across your fabric. You can also hang a garment made of velvet in your bathroom while the hot shower is on to release wrinkles.

Use your velvet brush to smoothen velvet. This is a fabric made of cotton fibers, rayon or silk. It is like suede because it also contains a tiny nap texture which must be cleaned only through brushing. This sort of cleaning raises its nap and brings back the fabric’s plush texture. To avoid tearing the fabric, you should gently brush it.

Use a small washcloth so as to take off small or light stains. Get warm water to wet your velvet slightly. Use the cloth to rub gently the stained part with an upward and downward movement. If you rub too hard, this can destroy the fabric’s nap. After rubbing twice or thrice, get a paper towel to be dabbed on the velvet to take off water.

Dab your velvet continuously so that the water from this fabric shall be removed. You will also see the stain disappearing. If the stain remains, do the previous step all over again. If it still there, you should take your garment to the nearest dry cleaner as he is more equipped to remove these stains.

These are the tips in washing velvet fabric.