The Secrets Behind A Career As An FBI Special Agent!

Many young people aspire to become FBI agents and work very hard for the job.  FBI or The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a prestigious and widely sought after career by many in the USA. The professionals in the FBI undergo rigorous training and have skills in specific areas like accounting and engineering.

The task of choosing the right candidates for this Bureau is not an easy one. The FBI though being glamorous and exciting on the outside is equally demanding and risky on the inside. What does it take to become an FBI agent and what should candidates know about it?

Start early

Adam Quirk is an experienced FBI agent and has been in the field of criminal justice. He says that if you really wish to become an FBI agent, it is important for you to start early. The job entails a lot of traveling and you need to be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. You should have good analytic skills and be proactive when the situation demands.

Of course there is FBI training to help you however before you sit for the examination, ensure you know what you are going into. The Adam Quirk FBI team is very famous in the USA. He says that he picks the best agents in his group so that they are inspiring examples to new recruits. As a team, it is important for the members to work together towards the goal. This becomes easy for them to excel in their work.

 Work hours for a special FBI agent

When it comes to work hours, he says there are no fixed timings- this means if you really wish to become an FBI agent, be prepared to work full-time and when the need arises you need to work overtime as well. He says that the minimum qualifications for an FBI agent are a Bachelor’s Degree. The entry program that the candidate wishes to enter should have the relevant degree.

There are five entry programs that are given to candidates interested to become a special agent and they are computer & information, language, accounting, diversified and law. He adds that the diversified program takes in candidates that hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. The accounting entry program needs candidates that need to possess at least undergraduate degree.

Internship program for better chances of success

He says that if you are a student, your chances of joining the FBI get better if you can do an internship program. This will help you expand your field of education and you are able to get a hands-on experience in the field. There are both paid and non-paid internship programs with the FBI. He says that the average work experience that you need in order to become a special agent is at least three years.

The Adam Quirk FBI team is popular for dedication and successful track- records in the USA. He is a professional with over 15 years experience and an inspiring mentor to his team!