Searching for IT Jobs in the UK

IT jobs in the UK are never in short demand, thanks to the large amount of corporations situated all around the kingdom and especially in London. However searching for them can be a bit daunting at first, not because they’re hard to find but because there are so many places and media that advertise jobs that it’s hard to choose the best place where to start. So my first suggestion to you is to start your search online. It’s true that some corporations still advertise jobs in newspapers; however the majority of IT firms target the Internet as their preferred advertising medium, especially since many IT professionals are quite easily located here.

IT Jobs in the UKOnline Recruiting firms

These firms usually advertise the job openings of their clients and many times provide the initial candidate screening for them. There are thousands of such firms in the UK and can easily be located by searching for them on Google using keywords like ‘IT recruiters UK’. These firms are usually dedicated solely to recruitment and so can help you a lot in your search to land a new job. Not only can they match you to their most adequate jobs available but they can also guide you on improving your career prospects. The main disadvantage of these firms is that they are limited in the number of job openings they advertise, since they only advertise whatever their clients need.

Online Aggregators

On the other end of the online spectrum are the online job aggregator websites. These websites constantly crawl the Internet and pick up job adverts from diverse sources such as the advertising companies themselves, recruiting websites and even job boards. They are a great source for finding jobs since at any given time they can return tens of thousands of IT jobs, however their searches are not always user friendly since they return a lot of duplicate listings and even expired listings. If you have the time to go through these listings and choose any adequate adverts then you they can be a great source where to start your search. Example job aggregators are Indeed, Simply Hired and CareerJet.

Job Boards

Job boards are a great source for finding IT jobs and are usually populated by the companies looking to hire staff themselves and also by online aggregators. They are usually the source of thousands of IT jobs at any given time and unlike online aggregators they do not usually list the same job more than once. This makes them a very good place to start searching for UK IT jobs. One such job board website which focuses only on the UK IT segment isĀ Job boards such as this also offer a jobs by email service, whereby you can specify what job types you are looking for and where, and you will start receiving matching jobs directly in your inbox daily.

Social Media

Jobs are constantly being posted on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you can usually find lots of pages dedicated to posting the latest available IT vacancies in the UK. Usually these pages are maintained by recruiters and job boards and usually you can find the same jobs here as the ones listed on the original sites. The advantage of social media is that you can connect with these pages and start receiving their content on your wall.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different online job advertising channels available in the UK, just pick your preferred method and start going through the jobs available today!