Restoring a Period Property to its Former Glory: Traditional Radiators a Must

If you’ve just started a restoration project on a period property then you might well be looking to replace the original cast iron radiators with some stylish new ones rather than have the old ones revamped. As a rule of thumb, it does work out less expensive to buy new radiators than to restore old ones. The good news is the modern take on cast iron radiators marries traditional beauty with modern technology which means they are ultra-energy efficient. Restoring a period property to its former glory means keeping things as original as possible which includes the style and design of the radiators.

Beautiful cast iron radiators are a must when restoring a period property

Sourcing Traditional Cast Iron Radiators

Luckily, it is now possible to source traditionally made cast iron radiators online and with the design being very much back in fashion, there’s some brilliant ones to choose from. Whether it’s a Victorian look you’re after or a radiator that needs to be tailored to fit into an awkward spot of a period property, you’ll find just what you’re looking for online.

A Great Choice of Finishes & Colours

There’s also a great choice of finishes and colours, many more than when the Victorians first designed and manufactured these gorgeous radiators. Today, you can opt for a hand polished finish which is truly done the “old fashioned” way without a machine in sight. The result is a beautiful sheen that enhances every detail found on the surface of a radiator.

The modern take on colours is fantastic too, should you want to liven up a kid’s bedroom and create a lovely feature at the same time, and there are some vibrant hues which might prove perfect for a theme you had hoped to create. There’s a choice of subtle tones right through to bright colours to suit just about every décor imaginable. However, if you want things to be in-keeping with the period, the hand polished option is probably one finish worth taking a closer look at.

A heated towel rail in a period bathroom is definitely allowed!

Choosing a Heated Towel Rail for the Bathroom

The one room where you might be forgiven for adding a touch of “modern” in a period property, has to be the bathroom. A heated towel rail incorporated into a classic cast iron design would not only be very much appreciated but it would look extremely stylish too. There’s nothing nicer than having heated towels both in a bathroom or shower room, it’s a little luxury that makes everything that little bit nicer in a bathroom so it’s definitely allowed!

An Energy-Efficient Solution in Older Properties

Today’s take on these lovely classic designs are very energy efficient which is why so many home owners choose to install them in modern properties. They are the ideal choice for a period home because you can have them custom built to suit the size of a room – the larger the room, the more columns can be added to the design for an optimum heating solution.


Restoring any property can prove to be a massive project that takes a lot of time and careful effort. When it comes to an older house, sourcing the right bits and pieces is important if you want to be true to the period and this includes finding some beautiful classic cast iron radiators. If the property has original ones in situ, you might have thought about having them restored but bear in mind it’s often a more expensive route to take. Investing in new radiators usually works out a lot cheaper and they’re easier to install. As a bonus these classic radiators are made exactly as they were in times long past only they are a lot more energy efficient.

Image credit: TREMSEE and Traditional_Radiators