Regular Exercise An Integral Part Of Your Dog’s Well-Being

Regular exercise, daily walks and playing can prove to be beneficial to your pet’s health. This keeps them in shape, fit and energetic. With these activities, you can channelize the energy of your dog to a positive direction rather than digging holes, scratching, barking and whining.

dog (Photo credit: Alex Balan)

Exercise can keep your dog happy and healthy and also adds fun to their life. A host of benefits is added to regular exercise and the most important being that it keeps the dog agile and reduces the digestive problem of the dog. If your dog is timid, then with physical activity, you can build their trust and confidence. Most importantly exercises help to keep the weight of the dog in control.

Consult the vet

Behavioral issues can also be dealt with the exercises. To reap the benefits of the exercises, you need to consult a vet and check the health conditions of your dog and enquire if the exercises will result in any severity of the condition. Exercises might vary based on the breed, age and the sex of your dog.

The requirement for the hounds, terrier, herding and sporting, is high than that of the others. On the other hand, rigorous exercises can affect the health of the dogs of few species.

Consideration prior to regime

Prior to initiating the exercise regime, it is important to know the limitation of your pet and then design the same. Another consideration is that of the weather condition, if it is too humid, cold or hot, it is wise to take small breaks and comfort your dog. If your dog is struggling to follow you, then make the session a slow one, with less rigorous exercises. It is advisable to start slow while introducing the dog to a new exercise regime and then gradually build up the pace. This increases the energy level of the dog safely and steadily.

Have a friend during regime

Few of the common activities that can keep your dog healthy are fetching, jogging or walking, swimming, running off the leash and also playing in the outdoors. It is the sole responsibility of the pet parent to design an appropriate exercise regime for the pet. If you are planning to take out the dog for a walk, you can do the same for about twenty minutes a day. Often the pet owners have the problem of not continuing the regime, due to lack of time, for this a doggy walker or a day care can prove to be effective. Introducing another dog while exercising or invite a friend’s pet for walking can add fun to the regime.

Give low-calorie treats

Dogs often rend to have an affinity towards treats, so you can give them low-calorie treats for encouraging them after completion of any task. You can consult your vet in this regard, also identify the dog food, for which they have any allergy. Apple slices, carrot slices, banana slices, pear slices, popcorn and pieces of rice cakes can be healthy and safe for your pet. With time, you can change the exercise regime of your pet, but you need to consult the vet regularly to identify the activities that can be beneficial to them at different stages.

Opt for indoor activities

In the winters, it becomes difficult to take your dog out, and this might also lead to weight gain. But, to avoid this you can resort to various indoor exercises that can keep your dog active. One popular activity that you can indulge with your dog is playing hide and seek. Other than this, you can also include various toys to keep your dog active. However, while playing indoors make sure that you avoid the places that might cause harm to the fog.

Author Bio: Tom Brown is a vet and here he has enlisted the benefits and the considerations that you need to keep in mind while designing an exercise regime for your dog. He has also emphasized the importance of dog food.